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  1. TownesMR

    The Park 2022

    Baxter Dury didn't make it 😞
  2. I think Lorde will sub for Billie or Kendrick, assuming she doesn't have conflicts those days
  3. I think Lorde will sub Pyramid for Billie. Her last album would work with the sun still up a bit.
  4. Saw them in Toronto in 2015 and thought they were great. Definitely planning to see them if that Friday night slot is confirmed. Can't seem to find where they said that though.
  5. Not a coach ticket, just taking a National Express coach. Seems I can pick it up by Gate A
  6. Had trouble finding out where the box office is actually located. I have an international ticket and am taking a National Express coach to the festival. Thanks!
  7. Anyone here have any predictions for who could be added on a smaller stage like WOW? Would love to see Digga D there late night.
  8. Saw his Coachella set and have tickets to Toronto this fall, but will absolutely see him again at Glasto if here's there.
  9. Can I bring spirits in plastic? I know you can't bring glass, but not sure of Glasto's policy on plastic for spirits.
  10. Anyone else surprised that Fred Again isn't on the lineup? Definitely seemed like an obvious pick for Glasto given how fast he's rising.
  11. I was at Weekend 2 and had quite a lot of fun, but it is definitely not too different from other car camping festivals I've been to in the US/Canada. Going to Glasto for the first time this summer and I'm really expecting it to be unlike anything I've ever been to.
  12. Sonic would make sense, I don't think we'll see him on any of the main five stages.
  13. Does anyone reckon that For Those I Love will make an appearance this year? Possibly on the BBC Introducing stage? Don't think he'd be big enough to be on the initial poster.
  14. As someone who wants to see Primal Scream, Bicep, and Kendrick equally, that'll have me thinking up until the last second to make the decision
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