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  1. Finally got around to watching Maid in the last few days. Man, I have not openly sobbed at a tv show like that in a LONG time! I know its been going around on word of mouth for a while, but do check it out if you haven't given it a go already!
  2. It's a Christmas miracle! 🎄 (Also, the not miraculous and very real hard work of @eFestivals - well done, Neil 🙂)
  3. I thought he was on Norton with Obama, re. their book that has just come out. Of course I desperately want there to be a tour announcement because I need to know how much money I need to put aside/for how many dates of it - but don't want to get my hopes up prematurely!
  4. I'm trying to keep my expectations low that I'll ever see her live. Unfortunately she just did an instagram live chat a few hours ago and said she wasn't touring. Obviously doesn't rule it out for the future entirely, but 😔
  5. Literally how my best friend ended up having sex with Miles Kane. Related: how do i get past listening to Dealer without having to remember, every time, that my best friend had sex with Miles Kane?
  6. For me, NFR! is still the pinnacle, but I already far prefer BB to Chemtrails. I'm so glad that Nectar of the Gods and Cherry Blossom are unchanged. Really never thought they'd appear on an album and here they both are!
  7. Thunder may be different to the demo, but I still think it may yet appear towards the top of my Spotify Wrapped this year - with just the one week remaining in which that data gets collected. It's just gorgeous.
  8. Yeah, I heard the original leak going around was low quality. I'm sure there's a better one out there now since the CDs went on sale, but I'm happy enough just to wait.
  9. Must stop reading about the leak... must stop reading about the leak... must stop reading about the leak... must stop... But goddamn I wish I wasn't going to be so busy next Friday 😫 gonna be freaking listening to it for the first time on my commute.
  10. Brassic is back today 🙌 Honestly can't think of a show that makes me laugh so much in recent years. Joe Gilgun is a treasure. Just watched the first ep and it's brilliant as ever - probably going to get through the rest before the week is over.
  11. Amazing! I didn't know Mitski was back! Will definitely be getting tickets for one of those shows.
  12. The Divine Comedy. Self Esteem. Frank Turner. NewDad. Beabadoobee. Robyn. The War on Drugs. And LDR, of course. I'll never stop hoping.
  13. The Cure released their first album in 1979, but it was their 8th - 10 years later - that is considered their magnum opus. (Although my personal favourite is their 3rd)
  14. Oh man. I guess I'd felt this coming for a while, but, like Matt - the thought of not being at Glasto whenever Taylor finally takes the stage, is like a knife in the gut.
  15. I'm really glad that the funeral went okay, although of course it will have been very sad. I hope that you're able to take plenty of time to process and go forth at your own pace over the coming weeks and months. And of course I don't need to tell you how valuable this place is to just talk about it all when it feels hard, and when it feels okay too. x
  16. I've tried for every festival since '13 but only secured tickets for four of them (2020 included). Will continue trying to attend every year for the forseeable.
  17. You know I want it to be Taylor as much as you do, but it just occurred to me that this part of the theory could just as easily be applied to Elton. He is Ed's former mentor and they've performed together many times.
  18. Got mine and I'm feeling good about being in those fields in June 🙌
  19. Oh that's a point 🤔 I haven't had one either.
  20. Can't wait for @dentalplan to start up the 1 month countdown 😀
  21. Love the new version. Wildest Dreams has always been far and away my favourite of Taylor's singles, so I hope this puts it in strong contention to make it into the setlist whenever she does next tour/play.
  22. I'd somehow missed that there is a TV adaptation, though I'm not surprised! Will have to add that to the list - although having read the book I know it won't be a fun watch.
  23. That sounds just perfect 🙂 Have a lovely time.
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