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  1. It was.. atmospheric. But that was all part of the charm!
  2. I just have to say that driving through Dartmoor last night at dusk, listening to all of Lana's most recent output, was really a beautiful moment. I've really needed that, these last few months.
  3. All booked for next Thursday 🙂
  4. Currently number 1065 in a queue to book my vaccine 👍
  5. Thank you! I made it and am finally here - after a bit of a nightmare start to the morning wherein I locked myself out of my house, with no phone, and so got delayed by about 45 minutes retrieving available keys and returning them 😅 So good to finally be home with my family dog and a cup of tea. And great news @sameimpala 🙂 you should be very proud. Take care of yourself!
  6. I'm going home tomorrow for the first time since July, and will be stopping in to visit my oldest friend on the way 💗
  7. Yeah, can't be mad about that. Love a catsuit.
  8. Switzerland boy looked really pissed at Ukraine's leap up the scoreboard there.
  9. That Ukraine performance is all I will see and hear when i try to go to sleep tonight, and I don't hate the thought.
  10. This has just put the biggest smile on my face.
  11. Iceland for the win 🇮🇸 I was already loving it and then they broke out the keyboard doughnut!!
  12. I haven't yet watched yesterday's final because I just don't want to not have more Mike to look forward to every week. Enjoy it.
  13. WestCountryGirl

    Diana Ross

    Just 401 days to go til her slot. That'll go by in a flash, right?
  14. I think my favourite after a few listens is Blue Banisters, her voice is absolutely gorgeous.
  15. Three new tracks on Apple music and I'm sat here with my Spotify account like 🙃
  16. Gutted there are only two episodes of Mare of Easttown left. It is the first thing I can think of in a long time that I actually am excited to watch each week.
  17. I love that Wildest Dreams snippet. Always been one of my absolute favourites by her, and the new take sounds great. If it made it into the setlist next year I would be thrilled.
  18. "Can't have a little whisper to say 'that's a good point' or not" - that is PRECISELY what the chat function is there for.
  19. I was just trying to figure that out 😂
  20. I just glanced through that Guardian list, and I knew it would be there, but just reading the words "I have sinned" from Bob's edible mask made me chuckle. Then I thought about it some more and the chuckling got more intense, then my boyfriend asked what I was laughing about, and then I pretty much creased up retelling it to him again. That bit was just magic.
  21. Just shared a video compilation of birthday wishes to my Mum, on her 60th birthday. It's caused me no end of stress the last few days, but getting to watch her watch it - with all the tears and laughter entailed - made it all worthwhile. And when I next see her in two weeks, I'll be able to give her a birthday hug 🙂
  22. I love Show of Hands 😂 whenever they play at Glasto, I'm there - bringing the median age in the crowd down by a few decades.
  23. Great stuff, dude! Happy for you 🙂 Maybe one day I'll finally finish them myself, and it will inspire me anew! But for today, all congrats to you ⭐
  24. Great stuff! Hope you enjoy getting together with friends 🙂
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