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  1. 23 minutes ago, crazyfool1 said:

    Maybe it was instax ? Are they a lot smaller than Polaroid ? 

    Yeah, the most common model is the Instax mini (now I wonder if there even are full size ones?). About 2x4inches.

  2. On 7/5/2022 at 3:04 PM, crazyfool1 said:

    I saw someone waving taking photos on an instant camera and waving the photos about untill they developed … there is something about having hard copies of photos … but not quite sure about this method … 

    I took my Instax camera with me (notably, you should NOT shake them like a Polaroid..) but waaay more film than I ended up using. A few days in I started just snapping nice moments that I noticed and giving the pics to those involved - it felt really nice to be able to do that, and folks seemed really grateful 🙂

    At Pet Shop Boys a group of girls were having dramas with their disposable camera and seemed unsure they'd got the shot they wanted, so I offered an Instax and they seemed to appreciate it! Luckily one of them was in the know and instructed her friend "Do NOT shake it!"

  3. I have a wonderful ex-colleague who used to frequently state that "if Paul McCartney were playing in my garden, I'd close the curtains". I'm used to people being weirdly proud about their disdain for/indifference to The Beatles, so I would shrug, counter with my undying devotion to them, and we'd get on with our day. 

    Anyway, this exchange in our groupchat the morning after Macca's set brought me no little amount of joy 🥰 Truly a moment, for so many.


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  4. There was a great moment in the crowd around me during Let Em In. A group a little way infront of me started doing this sort of.. dance move to the brass, at first it seemed as though to be imitating playing a trumpet, but eventually it became just leaning far forward and back again. It seemed others around them picked up on it, then I started doing it, when I glanced about, people on the other side of the repeaters we're doing it, others metres away to the other side, and behind too. Just a great wave of people seemingly just bowing back and forth toward our hero on stage 😅

    I'm a bit gutted about having been on my own for the real pinnacle end of the show. I know I was there.. but it feels a shame not to be able to reminisce on that moment specifically with anyone. Instead of swaying along with anyone at the end of Hey Jude, I just flung my arms out and hurled my "na na na naa's" into the stars, which still felt very special... but I'm glad to have had those other fun bits, like Let Em In, where I really felt I was part of this very specific audience 🙂

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  5. I work with young people and yesterday a 14 year old asked what Glastonbury was (after asking where I'd been the week before) and when I explained a bit about it and a few of the acts I'd seen, she expressed surprise that Billie Eilish was "still performing" 🫠

    Turns out though, that the youths love Mitski, which is cool. Big on Tik Tok.

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  6. One thing I really appreciate, post-Glasto, is how un-bothered I am at the thought of getting caught in the rain. It causes absolutely zero stress, compared to the week before.

    Big, heavy raindrops falling down as I was getting back from a walk on my lunch break the other day, and I cared not a bit about it because I knew within minutes I would be inside. I was not concerned that all of my belongings at home may potentially be vulnerable to a dampening.

    It helps that it is that lovely summer time rain too at this point, but still, I appreciate it.

  7. I'd re-do Saturday. None of my friends ended up meeting me for Macca, so I would have just gone and been down nearer the front - would maybe have had a better chance of actually seeing the man himself, and Bruce.

    Also, I would have made better food choices.


  8. 10 minutes ago, Bomei said:

    How often does kendrick perform "i" live? I feel like that was a really special and rare moment to be a part of, when he brought that one out!

    According to setlist.fm - hardly at all, at least in recent years. I'd seen it was in his Milan setlist from a few days before so was hoping for it but was still super psyched when it started. I was next to the disability access area barrier and just turned around to see my friend in there and she was pointing at me as I was bouncing around with glee.

    I was the only person seemingly around me who knew the lyrics to it but damn I had a good time.

  9. 7 hours ago, august1 said:

    has anyone ever seen a steward in the pyramid field, thats not behind a barrier?

    They definitely need some on the area by the toilets, access point to the markets between acts to help flow.

    I think the festival gets away with crowd issues due to being in a field and break out relief points being bushes/trees and not concrete and steel in a urban setting.

    I'm not sure getting away with it is good enough tbh

    Funnily enough I did see some by the toilets, but only post-Macca. They were pointing some girls in the direction of the loos "they're just right there, under the sign" and I think trying to dissuade guys from pissing on the hedge literally opposite the urinals..

    Didn't seem to be about crowd control so much as the "don't see on the land" rule.

  10. 3 hours ago, March Hare said:

    The stand out performer, Crumble Shack

    10/10 food

    10/10 service

    10/10 value

    oh my lord, what a discovery by Leftfield. Ooof


    What I'm taking from this picture is that I did not appreciate just how busy my outfit was from the back, and I love it.

    Also, loved the crumble. Rhubarb and ice cream - also 10/10.

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  11. For me, I guess it's kind of like a snowballing effect. The more I attend - the more happy memories are banked (there are no bad ones - thankfully - to counteract this in any way) - the more magic it gets.

    On Thursday morning last week I got up early and set off for a wander around the whole site. Before I really got going, I bought a cup of tea and just sat in the Pyramid field looking at the stage. I just imagined what it was going to be like in a few days, "Na na na na na na na-ing" in that same place.. and it brought happy tears to my eyes. Because I knew that more magic moments were about to happen in that field. And all over the site. And I didn't know what they were yet, but I knew they were coming.

    And they did. And now they're in the memory bank. And so the self-fulfilling magic prophecy rolls on. So the next time I'm sat in that field, I'll remember the last time, and the time before that, and imagine the time to come, and the time after that..

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  12. This isn't new information, but I was plesantly reminded of it this year - the kindest long-drops on site for the senses are those right by the Acoustic tent. I don't know if it was just serendipitous timing, but they always seemed to be spic and span when I found myself in need of them.

  13. I'm gutted that Ziggy Marley's set isn't available to watch - that was one of my favourite bits of the festival. First set back in front of the Pyramid stage - I shed some happy tears! Not least when the sun broke through during Is This Love.

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  14. 3 hours ago, moogster said:

    I saw him early june at another festival where the crowd was 10 times worse than this. Believe me he seemed much happier at Glasto. Even if not the best crowd he seemed to at least not hope for a magic dragon to come down and end the gig for him, as this is what it looked at at the other festival.

    Well that's reassuring in a way, I guess! Hope I'll get to see him again some time.

  15. Leon Bridges - but not because of his performance. I was disappointed in the crowd - it was the most tepid I've ever been in at Glasto. Barely any applause as each song ended, and disappointingly low on vibes. It's possible I was just too far back in the field, but from where I was stood I felt bad for him - like he was playing to a field of statues.

  16. Made it into the BBC's "...in 3 minutes" video - right at the end, as they're wrapping up with all the headliners (2:54)




  17. Libertines, Ziggy Marley, Rufus Wainwright, Crowded House, Sam Fender, Billie Eilish

    Katherine Priddy, Self Esteem, Olivia Rodrigo, Leon Bridges, Paul McCartney

    Diana Ross, New Dad, Kacey Musgraves, Kendrick Lamar, Pet Shop Boys

    That's sticking to the four song rule, passed by lots of great acts on my wanderings.

  18. I'm glad that my sacrifice to the weather gods didn't go unnoticed - £40 well(y) spent.

    Spent all weekend in walking boots, slipped into converse on Sunday just cause I could and was fed up of lugging heavy walking boot feet around. (Got a blister by the afternoon, and back to the boots.)

    I was bloody freezing after the sun went down though. Thankfully brought an extra blanket to go on/in my sleeping bag which did the trick.

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