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  1. Ryan Adams to be guest? He did a complete cover of her 1989 album didn't he. Prefer his version as well.
  2. If the sets the same length of this Britney Spears style meltdown from Neil......5 hours
  3. Barry Trotter

    efests Exit Poll

    you'll afford that holiday more now the pounds strengthened pal
  4. Barry Trotter

    efests Exit Poll

    Spot on treacle. Corbyn has scored an own goal effectively. Literally pushing out people to vote against him who are usually labour voters.
  5. Barry Trotter

    efests Exit Poll

    The fact hes saying he wont step down immediately is just laughable. So stubborn. Just step down now.
  6. Barry Trotter

    efests Exit Poll

    The results are in. Its done. Clearly people underestimated how many people wanted brexit done. Even remainers wanted out after the last 3 years of torture. Now let's just get it done and move on. Unfortunately the younger labour voters don't seem to be able to respect a democratic vote (or at least a lot of them). Rather than look to the set up of Labour and realise Corbyn should not be leader. Too much baggage people don't forgive or forget. Double standards for them. Democracy is great until it goes against you in their eyes. Disrespecting other people's choices. And all over social media such passive aggressive messages before the vote........'Get out and vote guys, exercise your right, all votes count.....but only if its for who i want to win, if not you are wrong'. Bore off. Everyone has a right to choose who they want. I didn't like the EU referendum results. But what shall we do, do a re vote until i get the answer i prefer. Sod democracy eh. Thankfully, wiser heads accept whats happened. And will demand better leadership for next election. But look on the bright side upset younger voters....at least the pounds strengthened for when you go travelling, you can get a few extra pairs of elephant trousers now. All the best. Lets move on.
  7. Barry Trotter

    efests Exit Poll

    Barry approves of Jose
  8. If the swift foals clash happens....that's a pretty easy choice if you aren't a teenager that goes to the capital FM jingle bell ball
  9. Be a real shame, they are amazing live. I wasn't there but the park last year, sounded crazy for the foals set.
  10. Barry Trotter

    2020 headliners

    I was beyond annoyed. Stood there for ages. Then a few days later found out they played a mini set at the Shangri La. Was even more annoyed
  11. Barry Trotter

    2020 headliners

    Anyone remember Toots and the Maytals no showing west holts a few years ago? Hope they play this year. They are doing some dates next year, they owe us!
  12. Barry Trotter

    2020 headliners

    Would be such a fun set Fingers crossed they play!!! Be good to have some extra rock on the line up
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