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  1. Documentation I was given said between 4 days and 4 weeks. As I understand it knowing what to look out for and getting prompt treatment will stop the majority of fatal cases. Still gonna have a little background anxiety for the rest of the month though!
  2. I was reading about how you get increasing returns the more jabs you do, so an extra 8% of people on first jab in Wales is making a big big difference. Daring to believe that we might be able to all but eliminate it over the summer, imagine that…
  3. Great news, fingers crossed they’ve seen the worst of it.
  4. The ignore user function has saved this thread for me. Provides 95% protection against Trumpy posts, highly recommended.
  5. Dunno... It's one of them where the 80 seat majority comes into play. I think certain Tories will definitely rebel, David Davis for example will speak out strongly against it I think (might have that wrong), but if they whip it it will pass. If/when the tabloids all start pushing an identical bullshit pro voting ID propaganda line you know it's going to happen. Wonder what that will be. IMMIGRANTS are stealing our sacred BRITISH votes? THE WOKE must be stopped from destroying OUR country with their dangerous free thinking ideas? Young people CAN'T BE TRUSTED? Liberals are PLOTTING to win
  6. Mimo

    BRIT Awards 2021

    Nice to see Lianne La Havas getting some recognition, although there's zero chance they'll give her the award.
  7. Ahhh yeah, that’ll be it.
  8. Sanger institute man says chill out a bit about Indian variant (whilst retaining a reasonable amount of caution)
  9. This is mad. We’re incredibly fortunate, all things considered.
  10. Wonder why large events would be ok but not weddings. Could be concerned about a mixture of generations maybe? But then if social restrictions are off anyway what difference would it make. There's such a huge backlog of weddings too, people must be going spare.
  11. The trouble with Pagel I think is the political edge to her twitter, seemingly not trusting that anything is being done and almost suggesting that no one in charge knows or cares what's going on. Chris Whitty was reassuring about it earlier I thought, clearly PHE are all over it and working to contain it. Hopefully that works out. Maybe there'll be local lockdowns again. Worst case scenario unlocking is delayed to allow everyone to be vaccinated. I'm sure that Whitty would not be recommending that it's ok to unlock further next week if he didn't think we could get a handle on it one way
  12. This tory voter repression thing is only going to strengthen the SNP’s case.
  13. Our pizza cutter went blunt so it’s scissors all the way now. Kitchen scissors must be the most multi purpose tool in the house, they get used for all sorts.
  14. Ah no sorry you’re feeling rough. I think I’ve dodged the bullet, got a slightly sore arm and that’s it really. Had a nightmare though for the first time in years! Was about an intruder in the house who wouldn’t leave, pretty on the nose if you ask me. Was just speaking to a friend who had his on Friday, he said he started to feel absolutely terrible after about 8 hours with nausea and the shivers and then felt rough all weekend.
  15. This is it. Whether the Conservatives and their traditional voters care to admit it or not, it seems that most of the far right are now voting Tory rather than for the less socially acceptable parties they previously voted for. Either they’ve all seen the error of their racist ways and have moved toward the centre, or they now believe that the Tories have moved far enough right to best represent their racist values. Tories do seem to get very upset and defensive when this is pointed out. “It’s not our fault the far right feel at home voting Tory” etc. I’m going to take no pleasure AT
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