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  1. Hey man, thanks for replying, yeah to be honest there are some things that you have said that we really need to take into consideration such as just making something for the sake of making something, this is why we are doing some research now just to see if there is a market for this product, if we find out no one wants it we are not going to make it, that is unsustainable, however, from the research we have done into other ponchos, it seems we would be one of very few people selling a sustainable and reusable poncho. 95% of rain ponchos on the market now are made from plastic polyester and a lot of them are disposable. Our number one aim isn't to make profit at all, it's about giving people a sustainable alternative and hopefully reducing the amount of plastic waste at festivals.
  2. Niceee man! Yeah that's where we kind of got our inspiration from, we want to build one with more sustainable fabrics and by talking to festival peeps see if we can include anything else with it. Basically the ultimate functional ethical festival piece of clothing! haha. What did you think of the Schmangle? good things, bad things?
  3. Hahahaha!! awesome man, yeah putting the blanket in is going to make it bigger and heavier, for portability we are thinking of being able to roll it up and then clip it around your waist like a belt? then you can just boogie without holding on to it or bringing a bag. Thoughts?
  4. You are right!! We are thinking of having the pockets on the inside?
  5. Ahh cool thanks for replying, if you don't mind me asking what is it that you like about your poncho? and if you could add anything to it what would it be?
  6. Awesome, thanks for commenting, so we would have to keep it light and thin, we are trying to aim it to the festival market, is there anything you as a festival goer would like in a product like this?
  7. Hi Festy Goers, What do you think to the idea of a fully sustainable rain poncho which doubles up as a blanket when flipped inside out? Me and my brother are thinking about developing this product and just looking to see if anyone would be interested in something like this? Feel free to throw us any thoughts that you have
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