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  1. Sue12


    I have a ticket - if the festival gets cancelled because of the coranvirus I am seriously hoping that I will be able to use it next year rather than us all having to try again - does anyone have any definitive answer on this ? 🤞🏻
  2. Sue12

    Volunteering 2020

    My niece has just texted to say she’s got a volunteering place with Oxfam - if we gave her a lift on the Tuesday would we get any sort of priority parking/skip some queues etc? Any advice appreciated - thanks
  3. Here’s a few photos I took yesterday - - here’s to a very happy new year!!
  4. I took some photos and will try and upload them - it felt a bit surreal being there !!
  5. Spending tonight at the Red Lion in West Pennard - drove past Mary’s Gate - stopped and took a photo! 😀
  6. Sue12


    We’re driving down this Sunday so will be Sunday pm or Monday am - never occurred to me There would be a festival office !
  7. Sue12


    I’m So - we’re travelling down to Paignton from York for New Year to see my dad and I’ve booked us in for a night in a pub at West Pennard en route!! I couldn’t help myself - seen the sign for Glastonbury so many times over the years from the M5 - so I’m taking this chance to do a recce! Will we be able to park up near the festival site and actually have a walk round?! The idea is to get a feel for the place before I get too giddy nearer the time!
  8. Not sure how this questionnaire is going to work if you are going to dispose of the results before the festival has actually taken place and some of the questions relate to what happens at/after the festival?
  9. Tbh I don’t get enough sleep the other 51 weeks of the year so I want to at least get a decent amount so as not to feel completely knackered the whole time!
  10. Thanks for the heads up - def think we’ll be heading in that direction or possibly Pylon as that’s where my boyfriend’s daughter camped last year and we hope to camp close - ish to them !
  11. Thanks for the link - I’d forgotten it had a detailed section about where to camp - will get some ear plugs.
  12. I’ve bought the tent and currently researching camp beds and sleeping bags ? but I really would like some advice about where to try and pitch the tent so we can get some sleep ? Thanks
  13. Sue12

    Map of the site

    I think I’m becoming obsessed already ?
  14. Sue12

    Map of the site

    I keep looking at the 2019 map - when does the 2020 one appear? Bought my tent - couldn’t wait any longer!!
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