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  1. What is the hacks for the piss and shit covered seat on the long drops? Every time I needed number 2 I went for the safety of the compost toilets.
  2. Ah fuck, ticket nightmare incoming.
  3. Other Stage doesn’t have this. You thinking of somewhere else?
  4. I was told by people how amazing it would be and all I saw was an old bloke wearing a shit hat pressing play on a CD full of camp Casio keyboard presets.
  5. From a positive perspective, once you were in a busy crowd I thought almost across the board they were really up for every act this year. Big energy. Perfect storm of covid release / weather / more (?) young’uns
  6. Radiochicken

    Kendrick Lamar

    I mean I’m 99% sure there was a live band (surely no backing track can sound that alive) but I’d be a little pissed playing in that band and not seeing the crowd reaction 😂 There was a slightly weird moment where some people came on stage after he finished for a selfie. Maybe the band getting a moment?
  7. Soooo it’s been 3 years and I’ve forgotten… how do I download sets from iPlayer?
  8. This is the number one. After a band finishes, exit left only, enter right only. Put on the screens. Job done.
  9. Find the lack of brain function in crowds fascinating. Like queuing for the loos at the back of Other in a queue 15/20 deep when there’s an identical set of loos 20m further on without a queue. If you see something busy or people queuing at Glasto (or anywhere) remember to engage System 2 brain before giving in.
  10. (Not a dig) but completely disagree with you. Front loaded sets are disappointing.
  11. For balance, 8th Glasto and doesn’t feel any different to me at all. Popular acts will always be busy, plan your time accordingly.
  12. I’m surprised so few have pulled out, considering the mess Primavera got into. (Just touched a lot of wood)
  13. What was the weather for the two “fallow’ years again? Did we miss some good years?
  14. Remember they had special guests like Aerosmith in the bag, and circs took it away. It’s not like they haven’t tried for big names.
  15. Weather turned completely in London between me entering and exiting a brunch. Now: 20 degrees. Cold air. It’s a no from me. Bring back the fingering.
  16. There’s actually people happy with 11-15 degrees…
  17. 1975 in WG a few years back was the worst set I’ve seen at Glasto.
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