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  1. Thank you all, nice one ?
  2. So does that mean anyone with a standard ticket can get in to the campervan fields? Or does everyone in the field get a separate pass for entering and exiting. (Campervan field)
  3. So say me and my girlfriend had to go back at different times, how would they know shes in the field without the one ticket for the van that I have, is everyone in the van given a pass to the field?
  4. Thank you for the quick response, another few questions: - Is your pitch allocated to you or do you just park up wherever when you get there? - Do I just need 1 motorhome ticket for whoever is staying in it? Kind regards
  5. Hi all, I have hired a campervan to drive down to the festival this year but still need to get my campervan ticket at the end of the month. Ive got a few questions if anyone could help me out as its the first time me and my girlfriend have done the festival in a campervan. 1 - Are the tickets hard to get? 2 - Which field is the best field to camp in? 3 - What time does the site open on Tuesday? 4 - How far is the walk to enter the festival? 5 - Any other pointers?
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