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  1. Without Ken I wouldn't be sticking to this forum, I'm addicted to the "what if's" that are mentioned. I don't give a flying hell if they're true. Ken, keep doing what you're doing, you're the only reason I'm scrolling so often for news.
  2. Would love The Lumineers & Cage The Elephant from that posting.
  3. "One of the headliners" - could they be co-heading?
  4. So our best likelihood today is either: SOAD or Kendrick Lamar (?)
  5. I'm happy to see this line-up, but this has confirmed it. Isle of Wight festival is now a mid-scale event.
  6. I agree, a good Friday night set.
  7. They can use the leftover money from this year's line-up ??
  8. I'm guessing: Thu: Westlife Fri: Kendrick Lamar Big Top: Smashing Pumpkins Sat: Catfish + Simple Minds Big Top: (Some dance act) Sunday: Billy Joel + Lewis Capaldi Big Top: Snow Patrol Massive guesses. But all are touring next year.
  9. We're announcing our "line-up" don't they usually start with headliners? We're gonna get a good chunk of acts hopefully.
  10. What was the news of The National playing? We mentioned them a long while ago, but nothing since.
  11. He only played this year in the daytime, I love his music, and it was a great set. Wouldn't be opposed to him playing but it's very soon.
  12. Snow Patrol confirmed for Scarborough Open Air July 4th. I think they'd make a great headliner, last headlined in 2007, I think?
  13. I think this year isn't a good reflection on IOW - maybe a headliner pulled out? Fleetwood Mac played only a few years ago, and Glasto can't get them because they cost too much for their plan. Foos, Chillis, Kendrick is a believable line up
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