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  1. Glastonbury need to embrace this research and use it to educate why we don't pee on the land, instead of just telling people not to pee on the land or threatening to ban them. Men spend a lifetime conveniently peeing in inconvenient situations. Simply telling them not to do so will not be as effective as telling them why. Don't pee on the land. Doing so harms or kills endangered wildlife, which in turn will kill the festival itself. <insert picture of cute eel>
  2. Except I'll probably take the risk, pay the full balance and may end up not being able to go. So really it could be a ticket in the bin.
  3. nicnzl

    2021 New Music

    First song in 15 years from legendary NZ rock band Blindspott
  4. Damn not good news for those of use travelling from the other side of the world and needing all the time possible to work if we can indeed travel/get back home
  5. nicnzl

    Big Red Machine

    Just finished my first full listen through of the new album. It's very good. Considering the first half is stacked with the singles, I thought it might take me awhile to connect with the second half but wow it is truly amazing.
  6. nicnzl

    2022 Headliners

    Those Sheffield dates aren't necessarily Arctic Monkeys dates, although you wouldn't rule them out making an appearance https://oltnews.com/arctic-monkeys-concert-promoter-billie-eilish-and-stormzy-got-clearance-for-new-sheffield-music-festival-the-star Anyway, I hope we get QOTSA Friday Other, AM Saturday, EJ Sunday.
  7. Maybe if some other countries *cough cough UK* had of done a better job themselves, then this wouldn't be an issue but we're not about to fuck over our people and economy just so some people can reunite with family and friends. NZ still allows people to leave the country, so technically it is possible anyway.
  8. Hahaha absolutely this and in a lot less words than I needed!
  9. There's no country in the world I would rather be in right now than NZ! Don't believe the word of the often vocal minority. I don't think people realise how good we've had it. Other than the first 5 week lockdown when Covid first started, this is the first time anyone outside of Auckland has been in lockdown since then. Yes we can't travel overseas without having to spend 2 weeks in managed isolation on the return, but other that I've been on decent holidays around NZ five times since May 2020, pubs have been open like normal, I've hung out with my friends without masks like normal, I've been to packed gigs and festivals, and our country has had a total of 26 covid related deaths. In fact our mortality rate in NZ decreased last year. People in some Aus states might have different feelings as they've had multiple lockdowns. We have a vaccination plan, and despite what some people say, it is going pretty much to plan. We've struggled to secure vaccines as easily as harder hit countries so only now is our supply ramping up to levels where we can start vaccinating in greater numbers. By the end of the year, everyone in country will have the opportunity to have been vaccinated. After that we can start looking at ways to open back up to the world. Provided the Lambda variant or some other vaccine resistant variant doesn't start taking over of course.
  10. Hah I sat down in the observation area, after receiving my first dose, to read the news of the case. I was just a walk in to see if they had excess stock that day too, which they did.
  11. It would have a larger detriment on tourism if we didn't lockdown. I'm sure you're aware of this from your daughter, but it has been 170 days since our last case of community transmission in NZ, the longest streak since Covid began. We've constantly learnt and adapted from Australia's mistakes so a snap lockdown was the easy call after what has happened in NSW, and even Victoria for that matter. It took 5 hours from the prime minister finding out about the Covid case, to announcing the lockdown and a further 6 hours for the lockdown to come into effect. So yes, we may be locked down for a week or two, but then we get to go back to living a relatively normal life, like we have been since May 2020, especially here in Wellington. Domestic tourism does much better out of that than half arse attempts at lockdown eventually resulting in longer lockdowns. I have a skiing holiday booked in 3 weeks and I'm more confident of that happening than I am of Glastonbury next year.
  12. I am much more confident after this mornings announcement. Still concerned UK might be classed as a high risk country though.
  13. nicnzl

    2022 Headliners

    I've said it before in this thread I think, but how do we know that Elton wasn't already booked for '21 or '22 way back in 2019? If you were the Eavii, and you now had 4 headliners ready to play the next festival, who are you going to politely ask if it's possible to hold off a year? The two older guys who are at the end of their career and on farewell tours? Or the two young artists who have decades of touring ahead?
  14. Another Wellingtonian here. I'm less confident now because of freedom day. My thinking is we'll still have to do 2 weeks in quarantine on the way back, even if vaccinated. Or the lack of fucks given by the UK will just create a new vaccine resistant strain and it'll be cancelled anyway, and we can just start this process all over again.
  15. nicnzl

    Big Red Machine

    I am so pumped for this album. 3/3 on singles so far for me, all different, all good. And I get the feeling they are holding onto the true gems of the album i.e. Taylor and Justin's duet, Aaron's other lead vocal tracks, Hutch and some full Justin vocals.
  16. nicnzl

    Taylor Swift

    I'm a half convert in the other direction. TS is my most listened to artist on Spotify for the first half of the year but I still haven't managed to make it any further than Folklore/Evermore. Whenever I try, the pop beats just put me off. But if Taylor, Aaron and Justin pumped out a new album every year for the rest of time, I would be a happy man. She has also moved from a would not see to a probably would see at Glasto, should the opportunity arise next year (NZ covid travel and her headlining pending).
  17. nicnzl

    2022 Headliners

    This is me just trying to calm my expectations, I'm 99% on the Elton hype train. Although who knows if I'll even be able to attend from NZ next year.
  18. nicnzl

    2022 Headliners

    If both Macca and Elton have said to the festival that this is likely their last ever tour and they both want to play, what are the Eavii going to do? Say no to one because they don't want two absolute older legends on the same bill? Taylor, Kendrick, Billie, they aren't going away any time soon so why not push them a year or two. IF, and big IF, Macca is locked in and Elton was originally penciled in for '21, then of course they will try have them both on the '23 lineup if it's the last chance they'll get. But also Elton is such a heavily favoured rumour on eFests every year and it always eventuates to nothing.
  19. The Cure - 127 Radiohead - 170 (+10) The Rolling Stones - 165 Stevie Wonder - 210 Blur - 175 R.E.M. - 190 David Bowie - 285 Pulp - 70
  20. @Homer I'm a kiwi and I've never heard of tinned tomatoes with a roast. That sounds awful. Sour cream on roast potatoes I'd accept but not as part of a full roast, more of a side dish to something like fish. Definitely looking forward to some pav on Xmas day though.
  21. 2% based on this UK vaccine rollout calculator https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/vaccine-queue-uk
  22. If you had of told me a the start of the year there would be a world crippling pandemic and that I would have not one, but two Taylor Swift albums in my AOTY list, I would have laughed in your face for suggesting I would even have listened to a full Taylor Swift album but here we are. Albums: 1) Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 2) Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison 3) Taylor Swift - Evermore 4) Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud 5) Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters 6) Taylor Swift - Folklore 7) The Strokes - Bad Decisions 8.) Fleet Foxes - Shore 9) Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman 10) Muzz - Muzz Songs: 1) Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End 2) Waxahatchee - Ruby Falls 3) Bonny Light Horseman - Bonny Light Horseman 4) Phoebe Bridgers - Garden Song 5) Fiona Apple - Ladies 6) Matt Berninger - All For Nothing 7) Taylor Swift (feat. The National) - Coney Island 8.) Taylor Swift - the 1 9) Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto 10) Soccer Mommy - circle the drain
  23. nicnzl

    2020 headliners

    Yeah but Foals are big enough to headline /thread
  24. This is all I need to get on the hype train
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