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  1. nicnzl

    2020 headliners

    Yeah but Foals are big enough to headline /thread
  2. This is all I need to get on the hype train
  3. Just woken up in NZ. Can someone please give a quick summary of the last 30 pages so I might get some work done today instead?
  4. Fuck me, the stupid has come out in this thread. I regret coming back.
  5. Everyone will have it, now stop wasting internet and diminishing the me too movement
  6. I also can't read it. Hopefully there is an audiobook edition upon release
  7. Humans shouldn't fucking go hunting endangered animals or other animals for merely sport or vanity. I'm not saying don't eat meat.
  8. If this were the case, let's extend it to a one month quarantine beforehand just to be safe
  9. The problem with coming from NZ is I have to transit somewhere. At the moment that is via Doha and a deliberate decision to avoid Asia. Hopefully transiting just through airports will be fine. I think NZ will be able to contain it somewhat being a last stop destination for world travellers.
  10. My main concern is that there will be a mandatory two week quarantine for those flying in from overseas, as I will be, and I'll have to book an earlier flight just to be released in time for Glasto
  11. We are the only ones who should know better though. Animal A doesn't know animal B is going extinct, they are just predator and prey.
  12. Well I chose Feb 20 in the sweepstakes to hopefully entertain me at work today but reading this thread this morning (NZT) has already killed two hours. Thanks for the hype!
  13. Macca might possibly be the only thing that would keep me away but only because I'm seeing them in April (with Phoebe Bridgers) but even then I'm not so sure..
  14. I'm on board with this as a general rule
  15. I'm not interested in any fake posters that don't contain Phoebe Bridgers
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