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  1. Lana del rey just announced for pyramid stage
  2. At least Miley absolutely killed her Glasto set when her time came - can't imagine JB doing anything neatly as good as she did. Also, Merry Christmas all 🎉
  3. How anyone can think Taylor is a bad booking is INSANE. She's the cream of the crop for pop music, and her, plus a Beatle, plus the biggest hip hop artist of modern times is an absolute home run from the Eavises... I SAID WHAT I SAID
  4. How do we know Dua is on Other?
  5. Not too shabby for a kick off...
  6. I got mine..... Anyone else going?
  7. Aerosmith confirmed for Saturday
  8. Ended up buying BST tickets incase Glasto doesn't end up happening.... ?
  9. So true. Update: Michael did an Xmas light switch on tonight and said the female headliner was American. T Swiz almost confirmed.....
  10. Best post in this thread. I'm going to glasto with a group this year who have all explicitly said they won't see Taylor with me because it's 'pop trash'. Absolutely untrue. Her work is amazing and it annoys me when people say otherwise ?
  11. Agreed... How can people possibly think macca/kendrick/t swiz is a shit line up
  12. Perhaps... Pop and hip hop? (t swiz and kdot?)
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