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  1. could it not be updated with festivals like APE and others appearing on the front page? Just a thought
  2. Ye but I think the fact the word c**ts was used gives me a right to downvote it’s hardly a debating term is it , if you get me
  3. Before I get any stick for giving a downvote, I feel that posting this under c**t gallery is highly disrespectful
  4. at least its not me for once getting the telling off for downvoting... theres been a few comments today which I think deserve a good downvote but ive stopped myself and just scrolled past them!
  5. Director of Public health for donacaster apparently
  6. aaa ok!! I saw it and instantly thought the worse! Hopefully its an anomoly
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-54082192 @Toilet Duck please let us know your opinion on this
  8. Coronavirus: Social gatherings above six banned in England from 14 September https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54081131
  9. who makes international law.... doesn't stop the americans!?
  10. If you ever feel you are suicidal make sure you talk to people, arrange socials through zoom and if things get so bad call the mental health crisis team... I highly doubt there will be another national lockdown but if there is i'm sure it won't be for so long this time.. Hope your ok man
  11. I've just been reading on the BBC that there have been over a thousand complaints regarding the BLM dance rouitine by diversity. Do people agree with this interesting to hear some points of view. Video below for reference.
  12. Currently, Audit Committees are putting together testing and DD over claims and how assurance can be gained for these tests. There is a contingent liability being recoreded for the furlough schemes until these tests are proved to show no fraud has been detected. This is going to be complex as will require data assurance specialists who can look at IT system logins and even going further CCTV and door swipe cards. I'm assuming that there is going to be big costs involved and therefore penalties will be huge. I'm glad im leaving the industry as it going to get very complicated going forward. Obv
  13. Anyone got any info....
  14. SDSM

    Virtual Meet

    been on a couple times for a little while and noticed all the jokes are thrown at @Wellyboot
  15. SDSM

    Virtual Meet

    awesome should be able to join in the next time
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