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  1. So no Friday sub of Saturday headliner today ???
  2. A lot of Foo Fighters on Studio Brussels today, because of the launch of the book of Dave Grohl. Perfect headliner for Saturday 🙂
  3. My guess is that we'll have to wait until january for a possibility for new names. Rumours go that due to the strong comeback of covid in Europe mass gatherings will be forbidden until december 2021 ... TML for example has already had meetings about next summer & things are not looking good !
  4. So sad ... Great new album. Saw them live 3 times and 3 great performances !
  5. Today from 9 until 10 an hour of Foo Fighters at StuBru. With EXCLUSIVE, IMPORTANT news. First headliner RW2021 ?
  6. Rage at Rock en Seine ! The boys are coming to Europe !
  7. New names for GMM just have been announced. Guess NNN for today
  8. Thanx for your input @Ken19, very much appreciated ! Hoping seeing your postst more often here, the discussions are a lot more interesting when you're around 🙂
  9. Nope, Sportpaleis wasn't sold out. I was there and a big part of the upperfloor was closed. Sub is the highest for Volbeat I can remember their last gig at Werchter & it wasn't their best ... I like them but even i didn't think that was ok. They even stopped 10 minutes early
  10. @Ken19 please come back and bring this sh*t back to life ! e.g somewhere this summer you mentioned things were looking good for 2020. Did everything came through what you heard back then ? @Jazebel any tips concerning upcoming announcement ?
  11. No news from Coldplay yet. Maybe the first friday 16h announcement ? Guess not ?
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