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  1. AlexOvd

    Wolf Alice

    My bet is that they will play the Pyramd on Friday 3rd/4th down.
  2. Three headliners totally different to our European 2022 circuit like it or no it's massive.
  3. Harry Style replacing RATM is absolutely dramatic, my gosh.
  4. When you see Mad Cool or Primavera Sound this year I don't see any weak line up over there if you compare with, let's say, 2019. Glasto is going to have a very competitive line up and there are loads of British acts that can look very nice for the undercard...
  5. What about Tyler the creator? Kendrick profile and touring around Europe that dates. That's another contender even though I don't see him headlining the pyramid.
  6. AlexOvd

    Campsite Poll

    Awesome stuff! Thanks 🙂
  7. AlexOvd

    Campsite Poll

    Being our first Glastonbury and coming out of the UK, how safe is the camping about robberies? For the ones coming from overseas how do you usually do with your passport for example to keep it safe? Any tips?
  8. I can't imagine January without any announcement considering the balance this year is one month earlier. Hopefully we will get something!
  9. Do we have a minimum chance of The Strokes if Kenny is out (hopefully not...)
  10. Nice, still on time to be the 2021 headliner we all deserve.
  11. They have a gap around Glastonbury and they could be easily part of the line up. However they are taking big slots so I am not sure where to place them. Not my cup of tea though.
  12. Machine Gun Kelly headlining it is just painful...
  13. I am way more concerned about Kendrick than about Paul. What if at the end we have 3 totally new headliners?
  14. The point is that I don't really see Paul as a touring booking, so I don't see any impact if he doesn't confirm TW Classic (or at least this is what I want to think)
  15. I don't think any confirmation out of Glastonbury would affect Macca. He wasn't playing any festival on 2020 if I am not wrong... I am still in the boat of Billie - Macca - Kenny and if Kenny is out Adele is in.
  16. I can't see AM with any chances of headlining this year honesty.
  17. AlexOvd

    2021 New Music

    And the previous one is the same shit. I don't know who told them this was going to be a good idea honestly.
  18. AlexOvd

    2021 New Music

    I think the new Biffy Clyro is the most decent they have done since Opposites. Terrible artwork tho.
  19. Excellent news. I think Kendrick is a lock and will be 99% in the line up but I think they will keep him until poster drops.
  20. AlexOvd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Jeeeeeeez, that leak looks sick. If album drops tomorrow, I hope my neighbours like Kendrick Lamar because they are going to listen the album all weekend. EDIT: He has changed his profile picture on Spotify. Something is going on for sure.
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