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Singer Simple 3223G Handy Sewing Machine Reviews

Every sewer needs that kind of sewing machine on which they can sew almost any sort of garment without any stop in the middle of work. From beginners to experts, people like to choose the best Singer sewing machine to avoid as many complications as they can and to invest in something that worth every penny. The singer has always fulfilled the expectations of customers in the best possible way.

Today we are talking about Singer simple 3223G handy sewing machine that has amazing specifications to make your work easy. Let’s go through the complete details and see what it has to offer you.


Weight: The weight of Singer 3223G is 12.2 pounds.

Dimensions: 15 x 7.5 x 12 inches

Warranty: 25 years

Type: Mechanical

Watts: 120(V)

Key Features:

We have explained every feature of this sewing model in detail.

Automatic Bobbin Winding:

The basic concern of this sewing machine is to keep you safe from any kind of injury or mishap even when you are new to the sewing. The automatic bobbin winding system of this sewing machine will help you in filling the bobbins with thread in few minutes as well as it can disengage needle for a time is to make you safe while you are doing bobbin operation.

Free-Arm and Storage:

Free-arm is the kind of feature every sewer look for in sewing machine to get a professional touch in the projects. If you are sewing some sort of shirt and now you have to attach collar and cuffs then free-arm sewing can make it easy for you. The onboard storage area of this sewing machine makes it easier for a user to reach accessories at one place and you can store them in the box as well. This will add life to sewing accessories life.

Built-in Stitches:

As this sewing machine is suitable for beginners who are looking for something exceptional to customize each project so it has 23 built-in stitches including a 4-step automatic buttonhole. All these stitches included in this sewing machine built-in memory are based on modern-day projects and you can use them to prominent any area of your work. These stitches can add potential in your portfolio and give you access to move on to the intermediate projects.

Stitch Selection and Metal Frame:

For easy stitch selection, there is a knob located at the front of sewing machine that makes it comfortable for you to select any stitch you want. Other than stitch selection knob, Singer 3223G handy has a heavy-duty metal frame to make it reliable and long-lasting for professional use. The interior of the sewing machine is powerful enough to align the whole mechanism perfectly without disturbing any of the parts. The heavy-duty metal frame can make your sewing machine perfect for daily use.

Presser Feet:

Presser's feet are an important part of any sewing machine and when you are working daily on different levels of projects, you may require various presser feet for reasons. This model has all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, and zipper foot. These feet have the potential to bring the finished look in your work as well as you can see how they can handle any garment with ease and smoothness. They are also responsible for bringing out the best thread quality in the form of stitches.

Reverse Sewing:

Seams are not always easy to work with and for a beginner, it can be a bit challenging. If you have this best basic sewing machine in your sewing area then there is nothing to worry about. This sewing machine has reverse sewing feature for seams and to prevent the thread from unraveling after some time. Pull the lever and reverse sewing will start securing seam in the starting as well as it can also secure every stitch on the fabric.


Adjustable Stitch Length:

When you are working professionally on some project then definitely you have to adjust the setting according to the fabric and nature of that design. Singer simple 3223G handy has adjustable stitch length to help you in increasing or decreasing the thread length. If you are using basting, appliqué or any other function of this sewing machine then stitch length is extremely useful to you and it can bring neatness in your work.


Appearance is of great importance when you are working professionally and when people are visiting you to check out the whole setup. If your sewing machine is handsome then it means you have invested a good amount in your work and customers usually get impressed by the way you kept your working place decorated. This model of the singer is beautiful, from color to frame quality; you will love everything about it.


Portability is kind of an issue for so many people as they have to travel to a sewing class or some community but due to the heavyweight of the sewing machine, they are unable to handle it. Singer 3223G handy is lightweight so it’s extremely easy for you to keep it in the cover or bag for traveling. Although this sewing machine has a metal frame and it’s reliable but it doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for traveling.

This handy sewing machine has made things way too easy and the total weight of this model is 12.2 pounds. This sewing machine has come up with box so you can always keep it inside when the sewing machine is not in use. This sewing machine has soft cover to keep the machine away from dust.


If you were searching for Which Is the Best Easy Sewing Machine for Beginners Review and Buying Guide then you must have got your answer.  Singer simple 3223G has everything you were looking for in the machine and it has come up with complete accessories to help you in preparing a strong portfolio to move forward professionally.

This sewing machine is suitable for beginners and intermediate sewers who can do medium-level sewing and who are looking for a kind of sewing machine that allows them to experiment with work.

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