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  1. Hey everyone! I have a question about buying multiple coach packages. So I know that I am able to buy up to 6 tickets, and because we are a large group, I am buying 6 tickets with the coach package. The only thing I am unsure of, however, is that since my friends and I live in different cities, we will need the coach to pick us up from different locations (I from Portsmouth and them from Stortford/London area). When booking these packages and tickets, am I able to select different locations for each of the registered people that I'm purchasing for? I know that we won't end up on the same coach, that's not an issue as long as we get there, but as for booking for 6 people, im hoping there's a time that I can specify where each of us will be travelling from. This is my first Glastonbury and I have no idea how this process works, but fingers crossed I am able to select multiple coach pick up points. Thank you for the help! <3
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