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  1. Yeah it's the bollocks, and deserves this tbh but it's such a deep and strong line up
  2. Yep got it cheers ? I think all 12 'could' play for the first time, and I hope they do. This list represents everything that's so good about British & Eire music right now. Angry, innovative, fresh, political, aware, local, gorgeous, wide ranging. It's asif the John peel tent 2019 made love to previous versions and spawned this list.
  3. Idles hopefully but Fontaines would be a dream but too much pressure on them going forward. Black Midi are amazingly bonkers & different, slowthai the bolocjs, I couldn't argue with any of these 12 winning tbh
  4. Got a feeling that all of this years nominees will play next year. A few played in 19 and others in 17. It's an amazing shortlist and not one would be out of place on the farm next year. Thoughts?
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