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  1. Thank you all for such helpful insights.
  2. Thanks very much for coming back, that's massively helpful. I suspect the charity would need to pay for the pitch but, being a charity, wouldn't be in a position to compete with something this slick, so perhaps it's considering whether smaller scale options are available for smaller festivals (although agree footfall would be an issue!).
  3. I am helping out at a charity who are considering whether they might be able to host a stall/booth at festivals where you can pay a donation to have your hair styled/cut/coloured, in return for a suggested donation to the charity. We have contacts in the hair industry, so would be able to get good hairdressers to volunteer to do the cuts/colour/styles. I appreciate this won't be for everyone, but do you think it could work? Have you seen this sort of thing at any other festivals? Any advice really appreciated. Thanks very much!
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