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  1. True but they could’ve hung on to it till July or so. Guess it shows they are in decent financial shape which is also positive.
  2. Well this is nice. Just in time for Christmas too. Big kudos to the organisers. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  3. Just a note if anyone already requested a refund but now wants to keep the ticket you can cancel the refund request via the link on the Eventim email....but need to do so before Monday.....
  4. No but I’m sure someone will create a new thread soon enough.
  5. Compared to BKS count yourselves lucky 😝
  6. True but I’m extremely disorganised and prefer just to draw a line under it. If I like the line up next year and can make the dates I’ll buy new tickets....
  7. Agree. It did say somewhere on eventim that they expect to announce some acts by 16th June which is a day after the deadline 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. looking into it looks like this type of scheme will be standard for Dutch and German events. Probably other countries will follow to avoid mass bankruptcy.
  9. I’m gonna request the refund and be done with it....I’m sure it’ll be nice when it pops into the bank account just in time for the summer season next year.
  10. I get that but problem is we are not Dutch and secondly the refund/voucher is not per ticket but per order and there are multiple tickets on the order. So it’s far from ideal.
  11. Yeah nuts. Bearing in mind I don’t live in Holland my choices are keep ticket for 2021, voucher for eventim.nl for 700 euros?! or refund in 2021....have to request refund/voucher by 15th June so if keeping a ticket for festival in 2021 it’s without any bands confirmed or knowing for sure I can attend it. Here’s the refund policy on their website:
  12. Long wait for refunds for this....looks like I’ll get my money back by July 2021!!!!
  13. So next year are we likely to have a surplus of great bands touring or will 2021 tours delayro 2022 etc? I assume there is some level of coordination in touring schedules so wonder how it’s likely to pan out.
  14. Not necessarily. It states Spanish law says that if an event is cancelled they have to refund the ticket within 15 days. Mad Cool director is saying he doesn’t have the money to do that. They want the government to cancel the festivals so they can claim force majeure and get round it. They talk about vouchers and tickets valid for postponed events. However it’s not just about mad cool but all events in Spain that have been hit. Long and short of it is the mad cool director is saying they don’t have the cash to refund all tickets right now so need alternative options and want the government to help them with that....
  15. Depends on you.....campings the proper festival experience but it isn’t an easy place to get any rest and it’s long....music goes till 5 am. Personally I like my sleep and don’t have the stamina for 7 nights in a tent at a festival, I camped there once but every subsequent time took an apartment. Also main bands start at 4 pm and there is plenty of great bars in Budapest to warm up in.....foods better in town too!
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