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  1. They're exactly the same as everything that's come before them you are right. I guess it might just depened where this small indie resurgence we're seeing goes. I personally can't see it happening although I've been seing a lot of talk about their growing populaity so thought I might be a decent coversation starter! I'd personally like to see a band like Sports Team rise up the ranks as they seem to have something a little different to many other bands in the scene of recent.
  2. Not their biggest fan although like a few tunes but how about Sea Girls? I'm talking in many many years here before you all think i'm deluded. They had an unussually big crowd last year for a band with only a handful of singles and sold out the roundhouse before even the announcment of their debut album. Their already onto venues the size of bands such as Circa Waves who already have 4 albums under thier belt.
  3. Arctic Monkeys are said a lot every year, can't see them coming back though. They have the pulling power to play wherever they want even after releasing an album a lot of people (not me) were disappointing with. Despite being massive fan, I think I'd rather someone fresh headline and see AM at one of their own shows really.
  4. Maybe not a Reading fit but with the change in atmosphere it may certainly become possible. Have to say his Latitude set was much better than I anticipated so I wouldn't bee too disappointed in all honesty. I would however, hope for a decent headliner on another stage which would more than likely pull me away.
  5. I must see Jamie T mentioned almost daily in the dark fruits twittersphere/ facebook groups. Think he would still have a fairly sizable following although Trick was certainly nowhere near as big as his earlier albums. Both myself and plenty of mates would love to see him back headlining the tent or at a similar position although this could be a skewed view.
  6. Dave is certainly a future headliner although I think a sub would be the perfect position at the moment. Think next year could certainly be a different prospect with bands such as Nothing But Thieves and Wolf Alice likely to be touring in the UK.
  7. I know many people (including myself) who were waiting it out due to the high ticket price. I think the demand would be there come 2021 although a lot of fans may have likely been apprehensive splashing out £80 on Knotfest after just attending a £60 arena gig.
  8. I did, not too sure on this one. Hopefully we'll hear some clarification at some point. I'd hope as festicket arranged the hotel they would sort cancellation/ refunds as well.
  9. At this point, even if things opened up and I was able to make it overseas, I don't think taking the chance is worth it. I'd rather take the financial hit than go.
  10. Managed to make my last payment last month. Struggling with money at the moment and the refund would be a great help at this point. This playing chicken with the government is actually affecting lives.
  11. So exited for this album to drop. Have been in love with every single release. Have to say, his live set supporting Mura Masa did leave me a bit confused although that is no disservice to his music in the slightest.
  12. Got a feeling we've managed to get into all the same music at the same time. Jumped on the pop music bandwagon last year although did may the Taylor Swift leap quite early one. Levitating has gotta be my favorite tune so far as well, think Future Nostalgia is just about in front of After Hours for AOTY so far.
  13. I didn't know he was touring so might be able to get a Feb ticket now!
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