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  1. @Toilet Duck I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you able to provide a quick outline of your job and expertise? I am sure it has been answered somewhere in the first 200 pages, but I joined this thread a bit late and while I do read your posts with great interest and place a lot of weight on what you say, I think it would be helpful if I (and I imagine some others) had an idea of how you know all that you do. This is not an attempt to discredit you, I am just genuinely interested in your background as you are so knowledgable (and seem to know all of the well-known figures in the scie
  2. Just checking in to say thanks a lot mate. Picked this up the other day!
  3. Sure am. I had a spare ticket to Ally Pally that went to an AF Gang member. It is a lovely group of people.
  4. Idles and Fontaines DC are my second and third favourite bands at the moment. I was at Glastonbury this year and hadn't heard of them nor did I see them. It is one of my biggest regrets, but has taught me a valuable lesson to do more due diligence on the line up before attending (this was my first Glastonbury). I've only just started to open my musical world up. I've seen them both in London over the past couple weeks to atone for missing them at Glastonbury, and both absolutely blew me away. Idles at Ally Pally, while a divergence from the size and nature of their typical gig, was
  5. 2020 Vision

    2020 headliners

    Has Cat Stevens been mentioned as possible? This would make my life. Nothing I can Google brings up any rumours for this year though.
  6. 2020 Vision


    Both times I got through I just randomly decided to load the page and got lucky. But in saying that, the two days leading up to it I was sat at my desk reloading on my phone every 5 minutes while "working". Tickets only got sent out last week so there will be a lot more listings over the next couple of weeks and the week before the gig. I remember last year I was successful with this strategy to get O2 Arctic Monkeys tickets a week before the gig, and there was a new listing every 10 minutes it felt like.
  7. 2020 Vision


    As someone who has been successful at purchasing two Idles tickets on Twickets (in two separate transactions), my number one tip is not to rely on any form of notification. I recommend regularly loading the Ally Pally ticket page on Twickets and hoping that you time it that someone lists them at the same time. The notifications are too delayed and someone always snaps them up within 30 seconds of listing. Both times I had completed payment and contacted the seller before the notification even came through (and I am fairly certain I am not a bot). Good luck to all and fingers crossed they
  8. What are peoples thoughts on Idles returning? I am not sure what the position is on artists coming back a year later, but I would love to see them headlining John Peel or high up on Other. They are releasing a third album late this year/early next year too. Thoughts?
  9. Has the Coach sale numbers gotten smaller since last year? From the website for 2019: "To book a combined Coach + Festival ticket package you will need the registration number and registered postcode for each person (up to 6 per transaction) for whom you are booking."
  10. 2020 Vision

    2020 headliners

    All reasonable responses. I may have misinterpreted the overall feelings towards AM and was intrigued by the hostility. I agree that the bands attitude towards performing live and also their attitude towards playing the crowd pleasers does not necessarily lend itself to being a great headliner, but they do turn it up for the big occasions I think (e.g. TRNSMT 2018). So long as we get one of FM, Reg, The Kinks or AM I will be over the moon. Mr Kane, actually.
  11. 2020 Vision

    2020 headliners

    Long time lurker, but first post. It has been very interesting reading the discussions regarding headliners. Lots of thoughtful posts and different opinions. However, one thing that did stand out seems to be a fairly consistent dislike or apathy towards the idea or the Arctic Monkeys headlining, and I was wondering if someone could take a shot at explaining this position. To me, the Monkeys are currently the biggest band still active in the UK and have been pretty consistently reliable since 2007, even though there style has changed regularly. Their headlining slot in 2013 is accep
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