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  1. Stereophonics, your 3rd headliner.
  2. There's normally loads of vegan options around the arena.
  3. Should deffo be ok to park there from Friday morning at least. I was wondering about this,they've put the east car parks on the map this year,I could be wrong but I think this is the first time they've done that since around 2013/14, I think they've just used the car park that end of the campsite just for day ticket holders since 2015 but with them showing on the official map this year I'm wondering if they'll be available to weekenders to use from the weds/thurs as well as the usual parking South of site, did hear somebody mention they got rid of the east (or brown as it used to be known) car parks for weekenders from 2015 due to lower ticket sales,more people car sharing or using public transport to get to site but if they've brought it back this year I for one will be chuffed as an elder festival goer these days I was looking to camp in brown so would be ideal for us.
  4. Liam Gallagher Creeper Cleopatrick Easy life
  5. Disclosure Sea girls The Wombats Two door cinema club
  6. I reckon now, he may have been rebooting post malone from last festival as headliner, with the other 5 as the 1st time headliners. Even though 2 of them have co-headlined before.
  7. Playing smaller festivals like Y Not and Victorious
  8. Looks like hoping for a biffy secret set now then.
  9. I just wanted ratm & biffy. I am incredibly excited.
  10. Cannot believe nobody has a screen grab of the actual partial poster line up for tomorrow by now.
  11. Yeh black letters - annie mac, and green letters - frank Turner.
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