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  1. First BD done, had a brilliant time. Hilariously walked straight in through the taxi drop off entrance past some security guy who simply said “go on in” on Friday morning, wasn’t until 10 minutes later we realised what had happened and that we didn’t have wrist bands but were well inside the festival grounds, approached a security woman who found it hilarious but immediately got on her radio to say “can we make sure those on the gates are checking wrist bands” and she kindly guided us back to the wrist band booth ? if anyone saw the green tent on the arena camping hill closest to the entrance to main arena that was completely fucked and flat, that was us, we had countless comments on the state of our tent ? but it was dry inside so that’s all that mattered. First drug free festival (excluding weed) and it was so good! Everyone So friendly. On Friday Was in bed listening to the music from the tent by 9 since I hit the poison too early that day! That’s the one downside of no drugs for me I guess ?, though I feel a lot fresher for it. Saturday night got absolutely fucked at main stage, saw Ash, Sleaford mods(absolutely genius) and of course Ziggy which gave me the biggest natural high of my life, got right to the front, met a cool Yardie who we spoke to before Ziggy came on stage, shared our last few joints with him at the start of the set, and he ended up passing us his during the whole set after we ran out, which was a huge relief? Though it did cause him some bother later in the set because before he knew it there was a swarm of people asking him for a puff, he said no to them but continued to pass them our way which was cool ? Overall, amazing atmosphere.
  2. Cheers Skelts ? just had this image in my head of it being completely anti-everything ? would rather give it a miss if that was the case. Not a big drinker, just love a smoke.
  3. Hi all been to a few festivals multiple times before Boomtown etc, obviously I know this one is A LOT more laid back and not a place for people getting w*nkered on all sorts of chemicals, to be honest I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting Into as this will be my first festival experience where I’m not planning to do anything like that, and this is more of a family festival so I’m guessing it’s going to be a better place to be if I’m not “getting on it”. Just wondering can I openly smoke a joint in the outdoors crowd at main stage and at the non-family camp sites, Without feeling like a wanted murderer? And without pissing the majority of the fellow festival goers off? Definitely going to have to have a smoke to Ziggy Marley, Cheers.?
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