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  1. 11 on the Friday plus 2 secret sets! So looooads more to come on the pit
  2. Still waiting for Reading app. I'm leaving in 15, would have been nice to have it before getting to the network black hole that is reading festival
  3. They deliberately dont to avoid the carnage...
  4. @SamFicher take a look here https://photos.readingfestival.com/2019/gallery/
  5. It's pretty ridiculous, considering there's probably already people queuing to get in and it still hasnt been updated.
  6. I expect the answer is as soon as its ready. I'm sure they would have liked to release the updates at the same time as for iOS.
  7. Same, only ever been for Shikari in 2019. Would be nice to get something heavier on the Sunday as we no longer have the Pit that day.
  8. From Twitter @OfficialRandL · 19h Transfer on digital tickets has now been switched off! But don’t worry…if you have not managed to transfer your tickets there will be a solution on-site for you to enter the festival!
  9. There's loads of space on the introducing, does anyone remember how much they fill it up? There's potential for a ton of secret sets
  10. Is the schedule on the app still showing the gaps in the LU/Pit? I'm a lowly android user so wont be able to see until tomorrow. Was really expecting an announcement today to fill some gaps, surely there's too many all to be secret sets. Hoping they don't do something like closing the stage early like they did in 2019.
  11. the lanyard programme will be useless too id imagine...... i'll no doubt still buy one though
  12. we all turn back into 15yo once in the arena :)
  13. Asking Alexandria for the Pit? Just dropped a new single a few days ago and announced an album.
  14. Nope. So long as you're over 18 and its not in glass
  15. Maybe call the Hexagon. They might not be able to help but sounds like you're more likely to get to speak to someone than calling ticketmaster.
  16. Who thinks we're getting some more bands today?
  17. Reading: Dinosaur Pile Up, Boston Manor, Sam Fender Holding Absence, Fever 333, Loathe Neck Deep, The Hunna, Hot Milk
  18. I'm sure you've done your research, but the box office was at The Hexagon in 2019. We had to go to collect a parking ticket on the Thursday afternoon, the queue was tiny then but expect it might be bigger tomorrow.
  19. Are they both showing on your ticket master account? If so you should be ok and get them eventually. About 15 years ago they cancelled my ticket because the payment failed. They didnt inform me it was cancelled......
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