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  1. Hi all Been to many different festivals over the years, but fancy tryi9ng Camp Bestival in 2020. I'm trying to work out the additional charges for the different camping options before I book. Can someone please help articulate the difference pricing structures please? My interpretation is for a couple: Camping plus - you buy 2 x adult weekend camping tickets, then pay a one of fee of c£150 to upgrade to Plus and choose your tent pitch? (which is the best area to choose for both accessibility to the arena/facilities and lower noise?) Backstage camping - you buy 2 x adult backstage camping tickets which includes pitching a tent in the backstage camping area for a one off enhanced ticket price of c£200 per person or do you add on £200 per couple/each? on top of a weekend camping ticket? Hospitality camping - you buy 2 x adult weekend camping ticket, plus pay an additional £10 to pitch your own tent, then an additional c£320 for hospitality? is this each or per couple? Thanks in advance, it's not 100% clear from what I've read on the website and I want to be clear on what I'm booking and the costs before I try for early bird tickets tomorrow. Kind Regards Jayne
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