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  1. Typed 'cardless' in my above post, obviously meant 'cashless' - doh!
  2. Apparently it was going to be mostly cardless at Green Man (Bars and eateries), but I think, due to the weather most machines didn't seem to be working so I had to get extra cash out. So might be worth bringing some cash.
  3. All sounds great! Thanks for the info
  4. We can't make it up on Thursday, so will be arriving on Friday, about 12ish. We have a two person tent and one of those tall but small shower/privacy tent type things. Will it be a nightmare to find a space and where would we best heading to get a reasonable area to pitch?
  5. Looking forward to my first End of the Road ever. Just been to Green Man and there was plenty of good stuff going on, on the Friday and Saturday until the late hours, i.e. 2:00 to 4:00 am. What happens at End of the Road?
  6. Hi! Been to Green Man twice before, but not for a few years and this year I'll be solo festivaling for the first time! The beer looks great, trying to work out a budget for the 4 days, how much on average for a pint of the craft stuff and how much for the main festival beer? Can you pay on card? ta
  7. So, I'm coming down to Green Man on my own this year for the first time (been several times before with other folk, but not for a few years). However, I can't get there until Friday around lunchtime. I have pretty a small tent but will it be hard to find a decent pitch? Also, hoping to camp in a more lively area, any suggestions? A forum meet for solo campers sounds good, but sadly I'll miss that with arriving a day late.
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