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  1. As an older guy, I disagree with the age demographic, our group ranges from early 20’s to early 60s. People of all ages live all sorts of music, such a Gerry Cinnamon and Franz Ferdinand, but that aside. The whole site was cut back, not as many food stalls , so that’s lost revenue. Major sponsors such as Visa not there, therefore budget is cut back. Even the south beach didn’t have sand or the pools they have had in the past. All these things have an overall effect on income outwith ticket sales. Our group treat it as a holiday. Have met up with locals and become very good friends and they are seriously considering not going next year. They look forward to seeing international bands as they don’t have venues like we have in UK so don’t get a chance to see the big names when they tour. Hopefully the new owners have a major rethink on this years offerings
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