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  1. @LOCHLAND5 @Max Northern @bottonrob thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, first time going to KC this year with my mates and im super excited! But a little nervous.... Im gonna bring a bit of green in (please leave your judgement out if youre against it, im responsible) and was wondering if security are tight, any chances of a strip search if the dogs alert me? Or are they relaxed as long as you dont look like a yob? Was going to just put it in my pants to avoid any worries. Maybe im just overthinking it but worried it might be tough because of the tragic death a few years ago. Got a few others questions. How early should i get to the glow tent if i want to get close to the front, is it packed? Also what are some good bands/acts my friends might enjoy that dont really listen to indie/rock? Any smaller acts ive never heard of i should see?
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