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  1. Tall people should be forced to stand towards the back, its common sense and an act of courtesy. If a tall person is stood near me blocking my view, I normally 'accidently' throw my drink over them, which more often than not makes them move away from you, for whatever reason.
  2. All of this is well and good, but I'm afraid its not going to make any difference. Other countries in the third world and above, need to start pulling their weight in regards to emissions etc. Half of the population of the U.K putting their yoghurt pots and milk cartons in a different bin and skipping the lamb chops one evening per week aint gona change shit.
  3. Perhaps they should have gone one step further and burned it down on Sunday night.
  4. I thought it was a bit of a waste of time and money. They should have had DJ's performing off the side of it all night, with lasers shooting off it across the site. Surely that would not have been particularly difficult to think of?
  5. SlipperySeawolf


    Stages at U.K festivals are generally no where near loud enough, however I consider Glastonbury the best of the bunch. Even the late night stages are fairly loud, although, they could always be louder. I like falling asleep with basslines going through my tent, its quite soothing.
  6. Making a return to Boomtown having not gone last year...looking forward to it immensely. Can I assume the license hasn't increased the sound limits since I was last there?
  7. I have always considered Boomtown to be a place where its cool just to piss anywhere, whether that is a toilet, a bush or against a stage, lets face it- anything goes!
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