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  1. Anyone else doubling down on their dreams of the impossible after the new Nick Cave album? I would sacrifice all other line up aspirations for a performance of that album on a startlingly cold, breath-in-plumes, larmer tree night. I saw Jenny Hval doing Practice of Love a few weeks back at the Barbican. Feel like the venue was all wrong, but it was quite brilliant (and .. I hate this word.. feels lazy... but bizarre.. ritualistic and playful) Has stayed with me persistently. The most staged and developed I’ve seen her in terms of performance elements, not all of it worked (I mean literally, but I remain unsure if the tech “glitches” were actually part of the conceit — some definitely were, others.. less clear). I hung around too long on tickets waiting for a non-committal friend and ended up right at the very back of the balcony so some of it was lost on me. Feel like it needed more intimacy and lights being up half the show made it all even more distant and formal in Milton Court. Would be VERY GOOD in the context of the Woods/forest (obviously most likely big top.. but my god.. the talking heads stage would be insane given the props/stage/themes — spoiler alert.. there’s a tent, and of course the lyrics are replete with trees). Not sure she’ll stage it the same for festivals, however, would have to be a special effort.
  2. Totally appreciating the urgency here, 'ridiculous' is an excellent way to put it. I managed to bag (literally) the last ticket for the Barbican performance next week. Imagine its going to be intensely ridiculous live. YES to Murder Capital. Their End of the Road set was up there with the best things I've encountered in a long time (across any art form! serious hyperbole, but I mean it..!), all this eddying intensity and coiled rage, but shot through with so much delicacy and eloquence – so close to the experience of grief, that doubling of SO ALIVE and SO CONSCIOUS of it all hurtling towards that ultimate nothing. Green & Blue in particular was some major, heady, being-altering catharsis. Can't remember if I saw it posted here, apologies for a double post if so, but this review (The Spectator, of all places) goes some way towards capturing it with less of the emoting and embellishment I'm managing ! https://www.spectator.co.uk/2019/09/the-most-exciting-band-i-have-seen-for-years-and-years-the-murder-capital-reviewed/
  3. Can't find this anywhere, maybe I'm being blind.. How much are early birds?
  4. I fear we won't see Sufjan again any time soon, he so rarely does festivals, but I would also LOVE this to happen, I saw him three times that week (Edinburgh, London, EOTR) and the End of the Road setting made it even more special. There are other returnees I'd love, not as headliners per se, but bands who are touring agin after a bit of a hiatus like Efterklang and Explosions in the Sky. Would also be SO KEEN to see Jenny Hval back with her new project. Beach House as a Thursday night opener. Other people (not sure if any of these have played before...): Holly Herndon, PJ Harvey, John Maus And... like many many other people, I'm sure... Nick Cave is the ultimate dream headliner for me.
  5. Have noticed a few people on the Facebook event bemoaning the dates as the kids will already be back at school... might impact some people in that way, a dash down post-3pm on Friday and back for school runs in the morning on Monday would surely factor into some people's considerations? Not suggesting its a choice, EOTR is falling where it always does, just the matter of the bank holiday being as late as it can possibly be in 2020.
  6. It's crazy how different everyone's experiences are. Music wise, this was the best ever for me, it was solid running around to catch moments of brilliance. I'm not into this post punk moment much, only band of that ilk I saw was The Murder Capital. In past years I've been there with a big group of friends and we were a smaller contingent this year, but even that more 'limited' socialising didn't take the shine off the fun. I wonder whether the later dates next year will change the audience makeup – I assume everyone will be back to school already, so it'll be dedicated families who make the trek on a Friday after school, and fewer stoned sixth formers knocking around. No offense to families and kids – of course it's a festival for everyone – but will be curious to see how it changes things up.
  7. I must be mad, but I weirdly came to love the Big Top this year after hating it every other year. After my first Green Man, and the open-sidedness of the Far Out, there was something so delicious about stumbling into the dark for some weird and wonderful sets. That said, I didn't go to any of the big hitters that were in there (Fontaines etc etc) so perhaps I was just lucky and able to roam around and get into it. Loved the late night sets in there, Kelly Lee Owens, Joy Orbison and Beak> were fantastic and I can't imagine how they would've worked on any other stage. Also really enjoyed some of the earlier sets – Lewsberg in particular was an unexpected highlight that just felt RIGHT in the dark. Usually we enter from the side entrance and head for the stage, but spent quite a lot of time at the back this year. Just me, or was the sound desk always in the middle in the past? It was at the back this year, no? I'm actually not sure if I'm misremembering that now ... I liked the view from the back, space to dance, amazing perspective on the stage and the lights, bloody love the elephant and the starry sky. Probably helped that the ground wasn't a quagmire. It's the Tipi I can't stand. those pillars! and so bright! and the totally flat floor means that if you're not pretty tall it's hard to see anything... and all the talking... and it's so hot in there. I think it totally lacks atmosphere. I enjoyed Murder Capital, but I would've enjoyed watching that in a landfill they were so good. Tipi only works for me if I'm down the front and the audience aren't all milling around blathering. And that doesn't often happen.
  8. It’s the people giving a totally banal BANTZ running commentary on the set that I can’t fathom. My absolute worst offenders this summer were two guys at Aldous Harding’s green man set — comparing her to Damon Gough / Badly Drawn Boy and listing out the similarities across two or three tracks. When one of them scoffed “huhuhurr and she’s not much of a looker either” I snapped (in a very nervous *intense stare* “what on earth, please be quiet” *walk away edgily* way). I’ll forever reserve a special hate for those two and all they represent!
  9. Im wondering if they were trialling something with the talking heads this year and we might see more programming moved from Tipi to there in the future. It’s a gorgeous setting but seems things didn’t pan out all that well this year... Anyone know if either of the “secret sets” ended up taking place there? I think BRJ was meant to be one of them – Big Jeff was sure he was going to be there, but later said something about it being moved. Wonder why? I was there when the heavens opened on Saturday and got absolutely soaked, don’t think the ground/steepness would be great if if rained consistently. I actually find the music the stalls play kind of irritating. You’ve just emerged from something transcendental and you’re smacked in the face with 9 to 5. Not a very fair gripe as so many people enjoy it, and it’s for the stall owners as much as anything, but god I loathe some of that music.
  10. I was sort of “back of the front” for Low (further forward than the side stage / let’s dance sign) and there were two pairs of offenders in ear shot. If anything, their total arrogance in not keeping their voice down when people three four rows either way of them could hear every banal comment they were making was even more galling. It was SO quiet and they weren’t even pretending to whisper, full blown tedious opining on the music. Grown ups too, mind, not kids, not high, just really inconsiderate arrogant bores.
  11. I’d never heard of them before, and missed the secret set, but had friends tell me they thought they were high and aggressive — they definitely missed that it was an act. Seems like a strange booking for a secret set. And I feel bad for the band that they were apparently so misunderstood But! Onto the main business... far and away my best End of the Road music wise, despite not seeing any of three main stage headliners. Highlights: Low — I’ve seen them 10+ times, including twice touring the latest album, and I’ve never seen a set like that before! Felt like I was being abducted. Unreal. Tho there were some talkers.. finally plucked up courage to tell them to shut it... not a nice experience at all, leaves one feeling very jittery as you just don’t know how ppl will react, but it was ruining it for me and I’m glad I did as they barked something inaudible back at me and then left Mitski was honestly one of the best sets I’ve ever seen, from anyone. She’s amazing. I love her journey, the diversity of her — that tiny desk concert where she’s pulsing with rage and pain, and then what we saw this weekend all sex and poise. Shout out to SASAMI too, very excited to hear they’re going to be working together — loved both her sets on piano and big top, she’s go that brilliant seething rage thing going on too and I am SO here for it. BCUC — no words. Had to run off for tunng halfway through and missed half the tunng set that was a “do not miss” for me, but I didn’t even care. I wish gyms would do BCUC dance classes instead of Zumba. KOKOKO! — I was feeling utterly miserable on Saturday morning for various reasons ... from henceforth I am going to prescribe myself a Kokoko dance session to cure all blues — Gods of sunshine meteorological and metaphorical Kate Tempest — I didn’t just shed a tear. I sobbed. Incredibly powerful. I can see and understand all the reasons that she’d be dismissed or that her earnestness could inspire cynicism but the reality is such a raw and compelling set of truths. Don’t know how anyone could fail to be affected the murder capital — I’m not on board with a lot of the post punk everyone’s so excited about. But these guys are something else. So intense. All that tight eddying rage and melancholy. Dragged myself away from Deerhunter for the set and so glad I did Tunng — had such fun when I got there after BCUC. Have wanted to see them for years, was joyous. “We all had a lovely time!” Black Country — amazing. Glimpsed from the back at Green Man and made sure I was up the front for this set. They’re wonderful. Funny and talented. Hated the audience at Jockstrap, the worst all weekend, but they are something special too Jarv Is — the friend I was with is a super fan and I’ve seen pulp before, expected to have a nice evening, but it was beyond fantastic. Love the new material and felt like a truly one-off night. That stage is the most special place. So much more I enjoyed. Was running from stage to stage non-stop, definitely the most bands I’ve ever watched at a fest. Enjoyed Lewsberg, Let’s Eat Grandma, Cate le Bon, Black Midi, Kelly Lee Owens... so many more biggest disappointment was missing serpentwithfeet, dashed over just before the end of Cate le Bon and it was already over. Heard from my friend it was brilliant. Was my first eotr in five when we were not partaking in ... ahem...night time ... “wakefulness.. aids”.. Ahem. Which set a totally different tone, didn’t stay up quite as late, but still had so many moments feeling utterly blissed out and deliriously happy — which goes to show just how much the place can do. Agree about how amazing it is that you can have a totally different fest to everyone else — I didn’t see half the sets people are raving about .. no shame, pigs, viagra for me, but still don’t feel like I’ve missed out. Early birds getting bought tomorrow. Tho I enjoyed green man, eotr is just another dimension for me. Genuinely magic.
  12. I wonder if the forest grants wishes...? I'm not one for hoping anyone ill, but I can't say my weekend would be ruined if I heard of the untimely demise (professional... or... otherwise) of a pair of straw-haired buffoons. Aside from that, I hope the 'real world' doesn't penetrate our woodland escape.
  13. I'm going further this year: out of office on, gmail and all news apps deleted, time for the sweet oblivion of Larmer Tree Gardens. What better antidote to the current shambles of the brexit-cycle? With any luck, there'll be a revolution before we re-emerge from the forest.
  14. Ufffft..! now I am VERY excited.
  15. very good... but seriously... @WM Hall IS THE MAN, just absolutely made my weekend.
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