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  1. Any reason to think they might? Or just blind optimism? Would definitely welcome something shoegazy.
  2. Bon Iver are in Europe around then...
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Best Kept Secret does look great. Same story here, funds won't allow this year. Definitely consider it in the future though.
  4. I've been to primavera and would love to go again. The lineup is consistently incredible year after year. I didn't get the same feeling of escapism that I get from greenman though, which left me feeling a little disappointed. I think the sheer size of the thing coupled with the fact that you don't sleep on site takes some of the magic away.
  5. 😭 It's pretty great innit? Hoping for lots of crossover. Bit greedy if you ask me... Can't wait for the greenman lineup now.
  6. Haha! As long as they don't get weyes blood too.
  7. Yeah I'd be pretty happy. Especially if the rumour of Phoebe Bridgers playing is true. Hopefully they'd share a stage and do some Better Oblivion Community centre stuff.
  8. lessthanwill1, Stop It! Stop raising my expectations like this! Looks incredible.
  9. BSS were a big draw for me and I've never actually listened to FWF. Guess I'll need to change that, but still, bit of a disappointment.
  10. BSS cancellation will be highly disappointing if true; they were fantastic when I caught them on their last tour. Also, please don't clash Four Tet and Car Seat Headrest. ?
  11. We managed to get two from twickets. Realised pretty quickly that the alerts are useless - they come through minutes later than the tickets are posted, by which point they have already been snapped up. To get in there first, I set up an auto refresh on the live greenman feed: https://www.twickets.live/tour/green-man-festival-2019/1083682342486151168?territory=GB&_ga=2.205565014.418070370.1562923500-857970293.1562923500 Every 5 seconds, I had the page auto refresh using google chrome and this tool: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tab-auto-refresh/jaioibhbkffompljnnipmpkeafhpicpd?hl=en Hope this helps...
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