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  1. To be honest Ive been a fan of Latitude for a number of years but can't see it lasting much longer to be honest. The identity it had has gone. The line up is really poor this year, bouncing between new mostly unheard of cheaper acts and really beige Radio Two fair. Where has the money been spent on these acts. There is no one near the budget of the Killers. Unless they pull it out the bag with with a decent surprise act of the like of LG like last year I fear there isn't going to be much to remember it by. And no I don't consider Frank Turner a real crowd pleaser or talking point. The camping situation has put a lot of noses out of joint and FR seem to be more interested in pushing all their corporate sponsors on their social channels than keeping the punters updated as to who's playing, times etc etc. I loved Latitude and have gone along with my brother and families for a number of years but this is without a doubt our last one. Can someone please sadly turn the lights out when we leave this year
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