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  1. I think bands like The Chemical Brothers and Kings Of Leon are just not able anymore to sell enough tickets to headline PKP/RW. Lokerse Feesten is a festival with only 10k capacity! In addition, this show is actually a replacement of their Sportpaleis show, which sold horribly bad. Your 4 main contenders to headline this still dont have a show in July/August in Belgium (AM, Dua Lipa, F+TM and Editors). Dont think there will be any crossover in headliners with RW.
  2. Chemical Brothers are downgraded to another Belgian festival (Suikerrock). Editors still doesn't have a festival dat in Belgium. I expect them to be your low-cost headliner
  3. Maroon 5 is much much worse than Bieber.
  4. I don't think enough people less than 50 years old are even remotely interested in GnR. It's really a band that didn't survive the test of time, I think. So, I don't see it at Sziget.
  5. He's playing Ardentes, Rock en Seine and probably much more tba. Doesn't look like he needs a one-day event. Well, maybe good to have a real live experience? She's just good, nothing exceptional. She's definitely a better singer than Kiedis 😉.
  6. Haha, you probably said the same 5 years ago? Or 3 years ago about Billie Eilish?
  7. At first I thought 'Yes, finally back!'. Secondly I thought, why not just on the main event? Switch RHCP with Stromae and your line-up is already much more balanced. Add that Stromae also gives the opportunity to combine him with another fresh co-headline act (Dua Lipa e.g.) and it would've all made much more sense.
  8. They didn't do it now. They sometimes tend to forget or sth, but it's not the first time a day turns out to be sold out without warning.
  9. You really think that Strokes would play behind RHCP? RHCP will be your festival closer. Asap Rocky is due to play Dour since 2019, he will stay on that line-up I guess. For me, this announcement is at least as dissapointing as it was last year.
  10. Probably TW Classic. And there the strongest rumour is Macca.
  11. Yeah, hopefully the Billie Eilish confirmation at Glastonbury means more news for her today and thus a show at RW! (I know it's wishfull thinking and we'll get RHCP)
  12. I think you can quite easily fill in the missing headliners such that you come to the following set: Thursday: Pearl Jam - The War On Drugs (Pixies one position lower) Friday: Metallica - Royal Blood Saturday: Gorillaz - Twenty-One Pilots - Faith No More Sunday: Imagine Dragons - The Killers (or another usual suspect) The Strokes could possibly be shifted to TW Classic (as they did with Placebo)?
  13. Lorde announces tour without Belgian date. I think it is very likely now that she will be at Rock Werchter. Would love to see her headline the Barn during Metallica!
  14. I also don't think that RHCP would be able to fill a stadium (King Baudoin e.g.). So, this could indeed be a possibility (same as Muse in 2019).
  15. Dissapointing, but not surprising. Pinkpop announces that RHCP won't come back to their festival. Could be interesting for Rock Werchter.
  16. Bad songs, a very bad singer and cringy shows. Their show at Werchter 2017 is without a doubt one of the worst I've ever experienced. (Luckily i could flee to Lorde just in time!)
  17. Bastille is a close second, but Imagine Dragons is perhaps the worst band in the world for me. I guess Imagine Dragons - Twenty-One Pilots makes sense as sort of poprock co-headline pair. And that could be our day aimed for the younger festivalgoers.
  18. Imagine dragons new headliner on thursday? Horrendous if true.
  19. I guess FNM and Volbeat will be for Graspop. I don't think Werchter will try The Strokes (or Kendrick) a second time. I'm more wondering what they will do with Dua Lipa, Lorde and Megan Thee Stallion. The line-up was very 90's, so they really need to do something to bring it to 2021. Having one of these three as (sub)headliner, could help. I see Jorja Smith getting more and more headline-spots, so I'm also curious if they will be able to keep her in the Barn. Inhaler is playing a pretty big venue in Belgium next spring. I see them moving up quite a few places on the line-up w.r.t. 2020.
  20. I would be very surprised if this is the case for RW. If The Strokes and Kendrick can't sell enough tickets for RW, I don't see how Tame Impala would ever sell enough tickets at RW. If they go for a more alternative headliner, I guess they will go for much 'safer' options such as Gorillaz or Nick Cave.
  21. Last year, The Strokes had some dates in August. As they're not playing Werchter anymore, maybe they could play Pukkelpop? I would think that London Grammar and Bring Me The Horizon are two logical co-headliners for Pukkelpop this year.
  22. That's the big advantage Werchter has next year. If it goes ahead, it will sell out no matter what they put on the line-up. And I think they know that ...
  23. I absolutely don't agree, but I don't really feel the need anymore to explain 😅. Same for Dua Lipa, she should definitely be a contender for a headline spot in one of the coming years. But if they want to put her (or any other 'young' act) at Boutique again, they should at least try to find a better date for their target audience than this year!
  24. I know, that's where the idea came from. 🙂 I really hope Werchter reconsiders her position at Boutique and brings her to the 'real' Werchter when touring again in 2022. These two new albums should give them the opportunity for it.
  25. I know it doesn't really matter for RW to book a band, but they are not huge and also played in Belgium quite regularly since then. So, I think they are only an option with a brand new album (or when they are short of headliners). Actually, I also don't know whether they would be a Barn-head or Co/sub-head. Would love a National-Swift co-headline in 2022 though! 😉
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