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  1. Unless they are indeed releasing a new album next year and they got the chance to headline Bonnaroo and/or Firefly in the U.S. where they are even more popular than here. Firefly takes place the same weekend as Hurricane. It's strange not to announce them together with all other reconfirmed headliners if they really got them.
  2. Billie is doing festivals on her arena tour this year (Mad Cool and NOS alive). So, I can easily see her adding Werchter if it fits the schedule. But I guess if it's not @lighthouse's cup of tea, that RHCP is certainly one of the missing big names (not my cup of tea either though).
  3. I don't think there should be any doubt about Pearl jam? They promised to return and have already reconfirmed the European Lollapalooza's. FNM is very likely, but not yet 100 % sure as I don't expect them to play both Graspop and Werchter and they are still available for the Graspop dates too.
  4. The first batch of names for Primavera 2021 is out and there are some interesting things to note for Werchter: - Names that are repeated for PS2021 that should've played RW2020: Beck, Cigarettes After Sex, Disclosure, Fontaines D.C., Jehnny Beth, Mabel, The Strokes - Names that are not repeated for PS2021 that should've played RW2020: Brittany Howard, Kacey Musgraves - New (large) names that are very interesting for RW2021: Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Jamie XX First reconfirmed show for The Strokes! Gorillaz, Tame Impala and Jamie XX touring is exciting news! Bit sad about Brittany and Kacey not being reconfirmed (yet).
  5. London Grammar as headliner or sub? In my opinion, London Grammar deserves to be a headliner in Belgium, but they should take a break from touring. It would've been their second big festival show without new music (apart from that Flume song) in Belgium. What I absolutely don't understand, is that they booked Editors again ... Editors and PKP is not a match. Everyone was just waiting for The XX during their show in 2017.
  6. But Kendrick is also for me the best option. By far. But in case he doesn't play, I'd rather have some of these names than another repetition. Not only for variation in the line-up, but also for some more variation in the crowd. Maybe Billie Eilish could be an option as young headliner? There is still no new date for her Sportpaleis show if I'm not mistaken.
  7. No Kendrick would be a very big disappointment, but I at least hope that another fresh name takes his place if he doesn't play (like The Weeknd, Lana or Taytay). Here's also hope they have a second chance to get FKA Twigs or Tyler, the creator. Really wondering when the first announcement will be. It could be pretty early when looking at other festivals in Europe (Hu/So, Pohoda), but I guess Werchter will wait until at least October.
  8. Hurricane/Southside released a poster for 2021 with names that were due to play in 2020. All headliners are transferred, except Twenty One Pilots. Could they skip 2021 festivals and come back in 2022 with a new album?
  9. Yeah, I know, but Graspop also closed down the Marquee on their XL-edition. I just hope that, if they go ahead with this 5-day edition, we will be able to choose between a 4-day or a 5-day ticket.
  10. Well, let's hope we don't have to buy this XL-ticket then and we can still choose a regular 4-day ticket ...
  11. Surprised that FKA Twigs is ruled out too. This means no Belgian festival for her. I also thought Celeste was a big contender for PKP as she hasn't been announced yet for RW.
  12. Why would there be an impact for European festival summer if Coachella is moved? I don't see it. Anyway, numbers of new contagions seem to be decreasing in Belgium the last few days. Really no reason to panic for the moment.
  13. They are also around in August, so I actually think they are more likely for PKP at the moment.
  14. Let's hope not! Their show in 2017 is without a doubt one of the worst performances I have ever seen in my life!
  15. Last time, it was shown at both the NWW and the Slope. And everything was packed, so I assume they will do the same this year.
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