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  1. Now, there is time to do something about it.
  2. Didn't expect this news about Kendrick anymore, but I'm preparing myself already for a huge disappointment. They booked Gorillaz as replacement (which is in my opinion no worthy replacement (although I love them) as it is another repetition and because their prime is already more than 10 years behind us). Maybe behind RHCP? Royal Blood is not worth it to be a co-headliner, so there should be a possibility for an extra name on that day.
  3. Not happy with RHCP as new headliner and certainly not as the festival's closing act, but I'll take the good news of the day for me with Volbeat being announced for Graspop and thus ruled out for Werchter!
  4. What position? Co-head or sub? Would really love them during sunset! Their concert in Sportpaleis was one of the best in that arena that I've ever seen!
  5. On facebook they explain why they changed to 2-5 june. SOAD is out for RW with this announcement I assume.
  6. Don't use bandsintown as self-confirmation. The dates are just adapted and literally every act is still on. And also some acts use bandsintown on their official tourpage which is also not really thrustworthy.
  7. No worries. Herman practically confirmed them during the live-show of past sunday.
  8. I highly doubt this one. She was due to play Fuji Rock in Japan the same weekend. Anyway, another missed opportunity imo of 2020 was Charli XCX. With her new album, maybe a possibility again?
  9. I'm afraid that they are big enough in Belgium to do that. I would already be very happy if they don't end up (co-)headlining a day. Best case scenario for me is that they end up in between Pixies and Pearl Jam. They missed out on her last year, so don't think she is a possibility for Werchter this year (which is still a shame though).
  10. I have exactly the same feelings. I love Gorillaz, but it feels too soon (although I love their new songs and they could bring some really interesting guests with them). I'm tired of seeing Alt-J and RB (but also Nothing But Thieves) on Belgian (but mainly RW) festivals. I really don't understand why they booked NBT once again. There is so much more (and better)! Bar some exceptions, the reconfirmed names are unfortunately the more 'easy' names.
  11. Pixies announced today at Main Square for Saturday. Big chance thus for them playing next year (hopefully at least one position lower).
  12. Good news! But I still think that Foo Fighters are the biggest contender to take over SOAD's spot. Coreect, each day Main Square is announcing the names of that day that will play next year instead. (Interesting for Werchter yesterday was the reconfirmation of LP)
  13. Why? They sold out the AB (as most klubc headliners are AB-sized) with Con Todo El Mundo very easily. An EP and LP later with much more airplay, they should deserve that spot.
  14. It seems that they add this 5th day for free for 4-day ticketpass holders? Nice gesture if true, but it could be that I get lost in translation. And they added Selah Sue. Seems a good shout as a new Belgian name for next year.
  15. Hopefully not. The field was already very empty in 2015 during their closing act. It won't be more full in 2021.
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