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  1. Kendrick is a great addition! The best headliner they could get in my opinion. I just hope he closes down the stage and not 21P!
  2. Beautiful announcement for me! Especially Thom Yorke, The Streets and Wilco as I have never seen them before. Just don't really understand the booking (and early announcement) of Yungblud, unless he was booked for pop-up? I suspect they announced the 'older' bands first to be sure that their regular visitors book tickets tomorrow. So next week finally Kendrick (and some female acts)?
  3. I expected SOAD, but still disappointed they return so quickly without new material. I liked their show in 2017, but I highly doubt if they will be able to create the same effect next year. I'm a bit surprised RW starts with the announcement of acts that only recently played RW (PJ, SOAD) or that already played multiple times in Belgium with their last album (21P). Normally, they try to announce a more unique act during the first announcements, while now, I have a 'been there, done that'-feeling with this line-up. But I will wait patiently for other announcements and otherwise, there are festivals enough that weekend in Europe!
  4. So Rock Werchter will become a sort of Rock Zottegem XL then? If it will really be something like the RW17 saturday, then 21P will look very strange in between those old rock names.
  5. The National announced first dates in June in Europe. So it could be possible, but I doubt it. 21P is an expected co-headliner. I just hope they won't close down, so that there will be an alternative in the Barn. 21P - Kendrick seems like a nice combination to attract the younger audience on Saturday.
  6. They were announced before ticket sales kicked off in 2017.
  7. Kendrick, 21P, Flume or Imagine Dragons all have songs with this title. Hoping for Kendrick, but 21P seems the most obvious one.
  8. Tyler, the Creator in the same weekend as RW at Roskilde! I would really love to see him at RW!
  9. No, they did two legs of two weeks. One from 04.06 till 14.06 (Paris) and one from 29.06 (Roskilde) till 10.07 and they did this during their last European festival tours.
  10. BMTH played last year, so I suppose they are out. 21P is very likely, but they already played two shows in Belgium with this album, so not a certainty. KOL is always possible at RW, but let's hope they won't book them. SOAD seems a certainty on Sunday the 5th (if they are announced for Hellfest tonight). I hope for Kendrick with his recent tour rumors.
  11. Seems very likely yes. Major disappointment for me. FF's performance at RW17 was so boring. And with PJ also a certainty, the two 'bigger' headliners are repetitions from 2017 & 2018. That's not going to do it for me. (And then there is still a possibility to have SOAD, RHCP, KOL ...)
  12. Vampire Weekend with their first July date for Europe. I reckon they are very likely now? Would be a very beautiful Barn-head or Main-sub for me. Tomorrow 8 am first announcement? Nova Rock is announcing tomorrow at 8 am, so maybe they share a headliner?
  13. I think they are certainly an option, but only when they release a new album. I don't see Werchter booking them if they're just gonna celebrate 15 years of The Funeral. Their crowd at both Sportpaleis and Pukkelpop were very good, so I suppose it was just a bad day or something? (Although I didn't fully understand where Win's comment was coming from as the crowd around me was very good!)
  14. So, Foo Fighters announced first festival date for 2020 (Boston Calling). They should be a certainty now? With System of a Down being more and more likely and RHCP already announced for Pinkpop, I'm preparing myself for a very boring set of headliners. I guess a set of headliners with Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, RHCP and SOAD seems very realistic now. Too many repetitions for me, but all these names seem to be available and it will certainly sell out, so I can see them going for this.
  15. He won't come for a lower position than co-head. But I have my doubts, he was at Werchter in 2017 and 2018. He played a Sportpaleis (which wasn't completely sold-out) and PKP in the meantime. I think he is very likely, but I'm just wondering if it's not too much if they have him back in 2020? They will certainly need another strong name that day! I personally hope for a more refreshing rap headliner that hasn't played RW too much before. Travis Scott? Childish Gambino? Kendrick?
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