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  1. I just hope that Billie won't take a headline spot, but I am afraid she will. I pray for The National, Big Thief, Sharon Van Etten, Stormzy and Tame Impala from that line-up! I personally think that Inhaler from that line-up will also play next year.
  2. Let's hope not indeed! But he didn't sell out his day at both Cactus and Lokerse, so I don't think//hope they will put him as co-headliner.
  3. I always thought it was very strange they didn't book them during the I See You tour. They are extremely popular in Belgium. So I'm sure that they will be booked when a next album comes out! I would love to see them closing down a day! A pop oriented act that I was thinking about lately is Sam Smith. Could be a co-headline contender next year as he is dropping some new singles and has already done some headline shows at Lollapalooza festivals this year.
  4. That exclusive Belgian festival show which proved to be not that exclusive? I don't think that a lot of people will ever pay 105 € to see a Belgian band and that exclusivity was just another lie hoping to sell more tickets. Everyone knows that Balthazar will probably play some club shows next year and if not they will certainly play PKP, Cactus or any other cheaper festival in Belgium next year. Although that day was indeed pretty good, the schedule was terrible ... Mac DeMarco vs Rosalia vs Balthazar vs Ry X; Underworld vs Muse; New Order vs partly Muse. I think they were aiming for a more alternative crowd with the smaller names, but they totally missed the target because of the schedule. And by having New Order, Underworld and Muse clashing, you also missed the Muse-fans who were doubting. Add to this that New Order, Mac DeMarco, Mahalia and others already announced new concerts in Belgium and the fact that Muse's last album was just rubbish, I think it's quite logical this day didn't sell out.
  5. Yes, but those predictable headliners are becoming less & less popular. Kol, Green Day, RHCP, Lenny, Chemical Brothers ... all acts that would be predictable headliners in the past, but are not popular enough anymore to headline a day on their own. (In a co-headline construction, everything is possible off course, but I don't think that they would get away with a combo of these headliners). There's a certain saturation with some acts. Off course, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and others are still popular enough to easily sell out a day at RW (however Muse was also a certainty in the past and even they couldn't sell out their day this year). I'm not sure that Metallica would sell out their day quickly if they would come next year after playing 3 shows in the past 2 years in Belgium. If you want to attract a newer (& younger) crowd, you will definitely have to look at newer possible headliners which are popular with both the younger and the older generation of visitors. I'm thinking about acts like The XX, The War on Drugs, Bon Iver, London Grammar, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar, Eddie Vedder solo ... They're all big enough to at least (co-)headline in Belgium. I think 2018 showed that it is possible to sell out with a line-up which consists of mostly headliners which are more 'unique' for a regular Werchter-visitor. An older legacy act which is quite popular with younger people in Belgium is Fleetwood Mac, so maybe they are a possibility as they are also rumoured for Glastonbury? Off course, they played Boutique last year, which makes it less likely.
  6. Amazing line-up, which will - unfortunately - never happen. It misses a big headliner like Metallica or PJ (those are most likely, I think) and Lorde is too small in Belgium to headline I'm afraid (she only sold half of Lotto Arena, which is 8k capacity). dEUS & Goose will definitely not play in klubc, at least it will be The Barn, but probably Main Stage. Goose is releasing a new album next year, so they are definitely a contender to take one of the higher Belgian spots next year! The Strokes will only play if they can close down, I suppose. I don't think that RHCP will close down a day at RW, I can see them in a co-headline combination with Tame Impala, in which Tame Impala would close down the Main Stage. On a side note: Chances for Slipknot are growing a little bit now they announced a European tour without Belgian date!
  7. Some (guitar band) contenders to play higher spots next year I can think off: - Royal Blood is changing pictures on Facebook, so probably some (album) news incoming. I can see them co-headlining a day at RW during their next passage. - Ghost announced a European tour without a Belgian date, so could be a contender for a sub position. - Slipknot has said to come back in 2020, so maybe they could be RW20's SOAD or Tool? - The Raconteurs would be nice on the line-up! Preferably as Barn-headliner during Green Day or something like that 😛. Single Help me Stranger is doing great, so I can definitely see them returning next year. And then we have the obvious ones with new albums: Tame Impala (hopefully closing down the Main Stage with this light show !), The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, Foals ... I think there will be enough options, so it would be extremely disappointing to have again RHCP, KOL, Green Day, Editors, ... instead of some more original names. I personally also hope for Bon Iver, Solange, FKA Twigs, The Strokes, Kendrick, Stormzy, King Gizzard, Ride, Sharon Van Etten, Earl Sweatshirt, Thom Yorke ... Next year, RW will clash directly with DTRH, so I will definitely have to compare the line-up of these two festivals in order to make the right choice!
  8. But... they are not the really big guitar bands anymore and they've been way too much at RW last years. The best news I've read so far is that RW really tries to book Bon Iver. With their two new songs and maybe a ?new album?, I hope they will succeed next year to have them (co-)headlining!
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