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  1. senor

    2020 headliners

    funk, disco and acid techno. Always a bit disappointed with the lineup tbh lol
  2. senor


    Heard this techo beast on a recent Mr Scruff 5 hour session. Am unsure if is the best slab of solid techno have heard this year, or whether is shit
  3. fold or scrunch regardless, you're still just smudging your arsehole semi clean. One receptacle of water, one hand. Pour water across arsehole and clean with aforementioned hand. Result, a nice clean and washed arsehole. Granted you will have a shitty hand, but you can be smug in the knowledge that your arsehole is cleaner than 99% of the population
  4. Got all my dates muddled up so completely failed at getting tickets. Trying to console myself with the money will save and the fact it will probably piss it down all weekend ?
  5. senor

    2020 headliners

    Should scrape the main stage all together and possibly the 2nd / other whatever it is called stage now. Could reduce ticket prices by perhaps up to 50%, people going just for mainstage artists wouldn't bother going any more so much easier to get tickets. win win win in my book
  6. Bit sexist of me, single females welcome to apply as well.
  7. If any of your single males want to do a swap for a week, send me a PM. One wife (good looking, good cook, bit untidy) 3 kids (generally well behaved, can be a bit mouthy) on offer. You can get your fix of family life probably resulting in "FUCK THIS" which will help get you out of your funk. And I can get my fill of single life. I have a week going, next year, end of June which would just be absolutely perfect.
  8. senor

    Spice Girls for 2020?

    No. Just. No. Even just for the reason tickets will be even harder to get as people who wouldn't normally consider going will also be trying. As am hoping for a long overdue return, could do without 100k+ additional people F5ing on sale day
  9. senor

    worth it with kids?

    sounds good. Probably wasn't a single act on the stages I would want to see (hell I haven't even heard of 90% of the major acts from being at the country so long). Would just be more interested in seeing the little extras you get at glasto, some old school funk band here, a bigbang jazz band playing there, some gypsy fiddle group going at it in some tiny little tent you never actually find again and cannot be 100% sure you didn't dream up. Checking out the green fields, circus, smaller tents, the weird and wonderful side of things. Which I think would sort the kids a lot more than dragging them over to see some guitar band on a main stage. To be honest, I'd prefer them to get rid of all the main stages and just keep that aspect of the festival, reduce the numbers down, guarantee everyone who wants a ticket can get one and get the price down below a ton. Would be my perfect festival errr, I reckon I could get by alright if the kids were at home lol. The wife would find it impossible and would never agree to it
  10. senor

    Camp Fires

    lol. End of the day you can never have enough wood
  11. senor

    2020 headliners

    yes Anenima was 96 and undertow 93 wow, time flies
  12. senor

    2020 headliners

    Would that have been for Anenima tour? Actually might be a bit early, maybe undertow? Eitherway. Glasto with rage and tool would have been amazing for little 14 year old metal head me back then.
  13. senor

    2020 headliners

    Really? Any more info on that? When where I was going suggest Tool, although doubt would go over well as although held in high regard in some circles, fairly unknown generally.
  14. senor

    2020 wishlists

    Mr scruff doing a 5 hour set
  15. senor


    What kind of set did he play?
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