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  1. Hi. I’ve been watching this video since I managed to spend a few memorable nights in the piano bar last year. But I really need to know the name of this song.
  2. Hi. Does anyone know of anywhere to park our car from Wednesday to the Monday. We have to leave our car there as we are getting a lift into the Festival?
  3. Any tales of anyone getting spun in/bunking in at this years festival. Love reading about peoples adventures trying to get into the best place on the planet.
  4. Glastomemory


    Haha yes it was. God knows how you guessed that Padjeq? Although it does sound like i love you baby by Frank sinatra. Amazing song. She was really good. Thanks
  5. Glastomemory


    I have just had a look. Although not one from glastonbury there is one from a few days later.Thanks for your help
  6. Glastomemory


    Has anyone got a tracklist for Mo's set on the other stage. There is one song i heard and i just cant seem to find it anywhere. The chorus started with "I love you baby" BBC didnt cover it by the looks of it. Thanks
  7. Do you remember the King telling everyone to kneel before him. And the tale about the TEA man? Or the albanian romany folk singer?
  8. Had no problem with anyone on the door. Quite the opposite. Made the queuing enjoyable by entertaining everyone there.
  9. We walked straight in at 8am didn’t leave until around 10.30 still people in there. Holds about 80 I’ve heard.
  10. Get there after 7am and there is no queue apparently if you can stay up that late/get up that early
  11. Haha. I can understand the feeling of being off site. I hope she enjoyed it
  12. Do it man. You will not be disappointed. Most memorable and weirdest time I’ve ever had there.
  13. So I was relaxing at the stone circle around 8am Saturday morning when I kept noticing people coming and going from behind a metal fence. I decided to have a nose and stumbled across the bar. Walked in through a dark tunnel and what I saw next will stay with me forever. A group of Irish lads. One was ‘the king’ telling people to kneel before him and if you didn’t you got thrown in jail. The others were singing (terribly) and acting out plays and telling tales about the tea man. None of it made any sense at all but at that time and the with my mind being in the state it was at that time. The place blew me away. We also went back that night about 4 am and queued up for 1.5 hours to get in and there was an Albanian Romany folk singing lady on. This was also very surreal. Does anyone know the name of her ? I would also love to hear anyone else’s memories from here. Btw this was by far the best Glastonbury I’ve attended loved it
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