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  1. Thanks. I was getting a bit of flack for being selfish. I love the festival and been going for years.
  2. Untrue apart from bogrolls. Ive been known to let my heart rule my head when it comes to Glasto for which I apologise to everybody with my perhaps stupid and lack of grammar comments. People are dying and yes it's only a festival. So please once again accept my apologies. Be safe everybody and let's hope 2021 will be one to remember
  3. Sorry I'm not a brat just I have a ticket possibly same as you. The reality is if they cancel mine and all deposit tickets then it could be years before we get them again. I've done the leg work to get my ticket why should I accept that this cant be used for 2021 just because this years is cancelled and it's not fair on those who havent got a ticket this time around
  4. Yes a customer who has already purchased a very sought after product. I cant see Glastonbury saying right its cancelled through no fault of anybody BUT we are going to scrap your ticket and hopefully you might get one in October but then again you might not.
  5. The only way fair is to let/give 2020 TICKET HOLDERS either the option of securing a ticket for next year with the £50 we have already paid or giving us back our £50 but letting us have first dibs on tickets for next year. I hear this crap about upsetting people trying in October but that's not my problem. I have a ticket and as such I was successful in buying tickets so why should I possibly lose out.
  6. No chance WE have tickets. I would be livid to have to say ok I'll have my £50 back and oh yeah I might not get a ticket for years to come. I take the approach that every Glasto could be my last but that changes when I get/got a ticket
  7. Sorry but that's how it goes. If tickets were easily available I'd be up for starting again in October BUT they aren't and I at the moment have a ticket and feel this should be honoured for next year. Why should I go back into the pot.
  8. Yeah would love that. Its surprising but I dont visit the site as much as I should. I love going to Glasto and have been every year for 22 years.
  9. I live 10 mins from site. I'm driving down, sitting by stone circle and having a Thatchers. Dreaming of what would/should have been!
  10. Gutted just gutted and I've already made my feeling about tickets on other thread BUT fair way is to let us who have tickets carry them over for next year
  11. What a load of bollocks. Look I have a ticket for this year. I'm sorry for those that dont BUT the fairest way is to let US who already have tickets get first dibs on next year end of. Sorry to those who dont have tickets or those who do and I'm sure I may be selfish but its a nightmare getting tickets so why should I give my ticket it up thinking I may not get them again for years to come
  12. Whatever happens needs to happen before balance payment date. I think they are waiting to be TOLD NOT to hold it by the relevant authorities.
  13. No disrespect to anybody but it's a nightmare getting tickets as it is. The festival know this and that's why I think they will give ticket holders this year the option of securing a ticket next year first. That's the only fair option
  14. I can't believe all this rubbish about not carrying tickets over for next year. Why should I lose my ticket through no fault of my own. No reset just IF its cancelled then everybody who secured a ticket this year gets a first refusal on 2021 and whatever's left goes on general sale. END OF
  15. I'm not sure if the farmer got an answer or maybe he did and hes keeping quiet. Who knows!
  16. As far as I'm aware there was no issue with farmer ie costs etc just heard he didnt want or need field which made the son question WHY
  17. Yeah sorry just didn't want people to think I'm stirring an already pot of Coronavirus panic
  18. I stand by my original post. This is true but not possibly the reasons behind it. I wouldn't bullshit about it
  19. Local news doesnt help by having some doctor on saying he thinks the festival shouldn't go ahead
  20. Just heard from a relative who works with a farmers son that has a field used for official parking EVERY year for the festival and in his words has said that for the first time Michael has told them "he doesnt want the field this year" This could be coincidence/ rearranging parking etc or they are planning on cancelling. Balance payments are due in just over 3 weeks so perhaps they will announce something before then. It's just weird that we have heard nothing official yet and I know festival is in June but like I said im sure they will have to decide before balance payments.
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