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  1. nilolium

    Photos please

    Here are some more I did on this fantastic festival. In my blog you can find more, and an even longer series of images is coming within the next week Hope you like them.
  2. I just finished a little blog entry about my first Glastonbury Festival. I know I know, it's German - but however, you can find a bunch of images there.
  3. does it have to be in the UK? otherwise i strongly would recommend fusion festival
  4. The TT didn't work for me as well. Good that I saved the clashfinder.
  5. Hi there, are there any aerial pictures of this year's Glastonbury? If not [yet] I'd be more than happy with aerial pictures of previous Glasto editions
  6. Yes, PLEASE a bigger slot for Boy Azooga. Loved their set
  7. nilolium

    Photos please

    A few more from me
  8. I really liked the one with a picture of a random guy that said on the top: "this is [name of guy] and today is his birthday!" on the bottom: "send him your best wishes: [his phone nr] no dickpics pease." really nice idea a question: it seemed that so many flagpoles looked alike. is there a hot spot for buying good and cheap flagpoles for festivals? grateful for every tip. I was looking for a good one by myself but couldn't find any decent so far.
  9. i'm preparing for the next festivals. looking forward to sacred ground, melt, habitat. that's my strategy of coping with the whole festival addiction thing. just never stop ^^
  10. would you mind to torrent them?
  11. 1. Kylie 2. Janelle Monae 3. Black Futures (Scum) Honorable Mentions: Boy Azooga (WG), The second part of Patrick Topping in the Temple and the enthusiasm Babymetal created. I enjoyed far more gigs, but some of them were just too flawless and professional. For example, the gigs of Vampire Weekend, Chemical Brothers or Tame Impala were reaaaally enjoyable and fun, but in my eyes they were lacking character.
  12. nilolium

    Photos please

    First Glasto, completely blown away. More images to come, I guess...
  13. I was on Saturday during the biggest heat, it wasn't crowded at all. But yeah, too bad it was unfinished....there were at least two stalls with just nothing inside. The robots were pretty cool tho.
  14. It was so amazing! And surprisingly not THAT crowded.
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