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  1. Forgive the bad comedy title (just followed the theme that’s all) but in seriousness this depresses me. On here it’s 360 days a year spent analysing 5 days from the past, or planning 5 days in the future. Wishing time away like this is a quick way to find oneself dead. Let’s try and live for today.
  2. Not sure if you meant the coop itself but here we go anyway
  3. Including horizontal rain
  4. Wonder if anyone else felt this. I suddenly felt old this year compared to 2017, obviously due to the extra year gap. Was weird arriving to our usual campsite and feeling out place, realising I was at least 10 years older than the average age nearby. Easily 15 older in many cases! Even on the train on the way down I was by far the oldest person. I’m sure it wasn’t that different in 2017 but the extra year off really brought it vividly to my attention! I am not trying to be miserable and I still had a great time. And next time we will head for WV or similar. But the thing is my interests and habits haven’t really changed, so I was still drawn to the same (crazy) places, partying the same way. Then every now and then I’d look around and start questioning if should even be there! Or whether people around me were thinking the same thing... anyone relate?
  5. Again so interesting to hear differing impressions but it’s 2015 I am specifically thinking of and I think you’re spot on. I mentioned exploring the east side with ease on the Thursday. I remember literally not planning to get into things and just turning up. Again - I’m *not* taking about headliners on the main stages. I’m talking about a random set at Williams Green or even some of the tents in Green Futures. That didn’t feel possible this year.
  6. Dusk1983


    So that’s how it happens!
  7. Good point but JPT this year had half the festival hiding in the woods just waiting for the big acts. Ludicrous scheduling didn’t help. Friendly Fires and The Streets on JPT was crazy.
  8. Exactly. There were no apparent distinctions between main and smaller stages or even entire areas this year. It was just all rammed, everywhere. Good way to put it. Everyone was telling me on weds or thurs “it will get better when the main stages open”. It didn’t! That’s a first.
  9. Some interesting points of view here. I’d agree it was easier to get into the SEC but that’s because the late night diversion is one of the most mud-prone routes on site. This year it flowed. Getting in a venue though? Forget it. in general this was typical for me, small/mid sized/specialist venues were effectively off limits this year. Pound for pound busier so than the main stages, I thought, perhaps cos the main line up wasn’t the strongest.
  10. A few people have mentioned it, but surprised to not see more about the crowds this year on here. Heard this rumour about 20k extra punters on site all round the site this year. Usually when we were caught in a crush and started talking to people around you, as you do. In previous years pinch points have been put down to mud or certain artist overlaps but this year the entire site felt like a pinch point. Another poster wrote today about being able in previous years to bimble on Thursdays around the “tucked away” stages and venues and even parts of the SEC. No chance this year. None at all. Actually I remember in 2015 I arrived on Thursday and I remember a) pitching up in a half empty field and b) being able to see most of the Eastern side of the site in one evening, inc SEC. And I mean being able to actually stick my head into each tent/sit down/buy a drink/having a dance! And I include here the NYC Downlow, Temple, and Shangri La! This year there was no hope of doing either, not even on the Weds. Absolutely none. A security guard pulled us into their staff enclosure on the railway line on sat night saying “it’s not safe, stay out of the crush”! i include here the bar queues too. 10 deep as standard! So not saying this rumour is true but for me it’s absolutely night and day. Something has changed...
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