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  1. I think it's a little underwhelming, although I know Caribou & Kiwanuka will be quite exciting for other people. There's enough lower down the bill to get me onboard though, especially Ty Segall, Moon Duo, Porridge Radio & Parquet Courts. Plenty of bands that I wouldn't mind seeing but am unlikely to pay to see on there own as well like The Orielles, Bambara, Nadine Shah, and Working Men's Club. Will most likely do Stewarding again though, enjoyed it last year and makes sense considering the line up isn't super strong (unlikely to be too torn over shift choice). Also might give me a chance to do EOTR for the first time, but that's dependant on what friends want to do. Interesting that Lucinda Williams is on the bill, guess it makes sense as she is a big influence on a lot of stuff around at the moment. Definitely heard Waxahatchee mention her and I think Big Thief owe a lot to her (can imagine Adrianne Lenker doing a great version of Car wheels on a gravel road). Shame neither of those are on the line up this year. Got my fingers crossed that future announcements throw in a few more of my faves. US Girls, Vagabon, Shannon Lay (who could potentially be there in The Freedom Band), and any of Rachel Agg's bands would be lovely.
  2. I wonder if any of the Rising Stage acts from last year might get bumped up to the Walled Garden. Porridge Radio and Peaness both had big crowds from what I remember. I reckon Girl Ray will be there, maybe Metronomy and like most people I'd love to see Angel Olsen. Wouldn't be surprised to see The Orielles or Warmduscher. A punt for the Rising Stage would be Bunny Hoova, on the basis that Marc Riley plays them a lot and seems like there's a significant overlap with this festival and his playlist 😛. I think that makes 8 bands, so let's throw in WH Lung & Working Men's Club. There are some Bands/Artists I'd love to see but I feel are long shots, Algiers, Vagabon, U.S. Girls, Omni and Shannon Lay. All of the above based on nothing more than gut feeling, not an expert of the dark arts of festival bookings.
  3. This "STAFF PICKS" page from Piccadilly Records in Manchester has put me on to a lot of good stuff. Their end of year list is always worth a look as well*. https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/feature.php?&feature=643 The new Omni record is fine espresso shot of post-punk, hopefully be seeing them at YES later this month. *Speaking of end of year lists, one album which has gone a bit under the radar was the latest from Trash Kit - "Horizon". One of Rachel Aggs (Sacred Paws, Shopping) other bands. Danalogue from The Comet is Coming pops up on a fair bit of the record. Probably holding No.2 position in my reckoning, don't think anything can match Sharon Van Etten.
  4. Holodrum, emerging out of the ashes of Hookworms. https://holodrum.bandcamp.com/ Just the one track out there at the moment.
  5. Shannon Lay's new album August is definitely worth a listen. She is a member of FEELS and plays in Ty Segall's Freedom Band (I think he produced this record as well). Her previous album got a lot of love on Pitchfork but this one is strong overall in my opinion. Warning for those expecting something along the lines of FEELS and Ty Segall though, this is a chilled Californian folk record rather than garagey/rock/punk. Please enjoy this creepy Simpsons inspired video...
  6. Definitely agree with this, the £6.50 wristband for 3 meals a day plus tea/coffee made life so much easier. It was my first time stewarding and wasn't sure what to expect but they treat you really well and met many, many lovely folk. I'll probably do the same again next year, didn't feel like I was missing loads and although it's tiring the shifts are mostly good fun. That said I did have a rough couple of hours during my car park shift on the rainy Friday evening, luckily for me Snapped Ankles were late on so I was able to see all of their set and de-stress a bit. The main reason I went was to have another chance to see Sharon Van Etten so she was always going to be my highlight, got myself a good spot down the front and enjoyed every minute of it (actually I was a bit annoyed by the photographers, the little hill on the other side of the barrier means they're higher than they normally would be and can be quite distracting. That's a really minor quibble though). I was surprised how much I enjoyed These New Puritans, I've been vaguely aware of them for years and had given them a few listens in the build up but hadn't been blown away. Only made my mind up to see them when I told a friend they were on and he insisted I get my arse there, so glad I did. Other highlights were Sons of Kemit, Hen Ogledd and of course Snapped Ankles. Pozzi, The Beths, Yak, Porridge Radio and Pottery all get honorable mentions too.
  7. On my way down now to my first Green Man, going to be stewarding (thanks again to those who gave me some advice earlier in this thread). I love the train journey to a festival, such a great feeling. Really looking forward to it, weather might not be perfect but I’m not overly fussed tbh. Still don’t know my shifts yet, plenty across the weekend for me though so think I’ll be ok with whatever I get.
  8. One of my resolutions for this year's festival was to keep a close eye on The Crows Nest chalkboard and try my best to get up there for a couple of acts. Made it there for Pip Blom and so glad I did. Really high energy set, whole place dancing from start to finish. Was also very cool to see Pip's mum bopping away with everyone else and looking proud as punch. Having missed Snapped Ankles at Williams Green earlier on I was determined to catch them at The Crow's Nest. I was flagging a bit after waiting an hour for them to come on and the place was rammed. After the first couple of songs the crowd churn had moved me a bit closer to the stage, then suddenly a Ghillie suited figure grabbed me and pulled me into the fray. I hadn't noticed the extra tree-people make their entrance so it was a surprise to suddenly have one with their arm round my shoulder and stoking my face. That really helped recharge my batteries and I was bopping away non stop for the rest of the gig. So very pleased that I stuck to that resolution, in fact I wish I could have made it there for a few more things.
  9. Tatterdemalion

    2020 wishlists

    Kevin Morby Sacred Paws St Vincent Young Fathers Ezra Furman Public Service Broadcasting PJ Harvey Bombay Bicycle Club (dependent on any new stuff they do being good) Chastity Belt Some are more likely than others (no chance Chastity Belt will play tbh but I just really, really like them). Think Morby and the Park Stage would be match made in heaven.
  10. Thanks very much guys! Gonna go for it, don't know if I'm a bit late but I'll send off the application and see if I get anywhere. Line up looks terrific, every day is strong all the way down the bill.
  11. Tatterdemalion


    I love Algiers, clashed a little bit with BC Camplight for me but as soon has he finished on Williams Green I legged it over to Left Field. Thought they were terrific and can't wait for the new record. Shame the crowd was so thin and spread out, I think you could sense the band's disappointment (especially the bass/synth player, he looked pretty pissed off when they left the stage). I can see why they put them on Left Field but perhaps a slot on the Truth stage at 1am or thereabouts would have been a better place for them.
  12. Thanks for the advice @GETOFFAMYLAWN I've sent off an email so will wait and see what they say. Think this one would be a good year for me to volunteer, lots of acts on the line-up that I like but at the same time wouldn't be too gutted at having to miss, the only real exception would be Sharon Van Etten. Hope your journey down this year goes a bit more smoothly than in 2017!
  13. I thought it took them a while to get into their stride during the John Peel set. It seemed to click for them during Too Real, from then on the rest of the show was fantastic. Perhaps it was a bit of nerves on the bands part, or maybe a lot of folk in the crowd weren't too familiar with them and it took a while for them to get what the band are about. I saw a bit of them at Left Field as well but I was off to the side because I was making an early escape for BC Camplight at WG.
  14. Thought it was weird that Sons of Kemet were on The Park rather than West Holts. Also didn't help that the Foals secret set was on next, field was getting busier and busier but lots of people still lying down or just chatting. Made it really hard to slip out early so we could get to Low on John Peel.
  15. Black Boys on Mopeds was definitely the most moving moment of the festival for me, have to admit not a song that I was familiar with before but it was beautiful and heartbreaking. I'd also like to mention the tribute to Jeremy Hardy which Mark Steel hosted in the Cabaret Tent on Saturday. Very funny from start to finish, not at all sentimental. Must have been hard for all the performers involved.
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