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  1. More good news from the UK https://ra.co/events/1336874
  2. I've got even better news for you - an Israeli startup is rolling out an FDA approved 23(!) minute test this week.. https://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-may-be-first-to-deploy-new-23-minute-virus-test-defense-minister-says/
  3. https://mixmag.net/read/glastonbury-may-not-return-until-2022-news?fbclid=IwAR1o-3RbZFPuLYewZ4jHIFXrA-c49_9_P3nE22hAmG3Y2BuXJ3kCeHo4uQA Depressing words from Michael Eavis re probability for Glasto '21.
  4. I've seen him employ two visual modes for his live shows - the full on Squidsoup designed light show he used at Ally Pally and then a few more times since and the bare minimum desk light which he uses for his annual 5 quid a ticket Brixton shows. I find them both impressive in their own ways. Guess it really depends on the circumtsances (friends, alcohol, surroundings, etc.)
  5. Bicep, Jamie XX, Jane Fitz, DJ Harvey
  6. Anyone got a tip on how to maintain the buzz for 12 whole months?!?😭
  7. Caribou, Earl, Bicep, Shadow, Pavement, Fontaines DC, Helado Negro, Authechre, Special Request, King Krule
  8. Thanks for that tip. Absolutely lovely album that last one.
  9. comforting to know but in all seriousness, would be great to catch him again at PS
  10. Festival is on the 5th and 6th of June
  11. He's not. He's at Junction 2 Festival in London together with Fourtet and a few more nice names
  12. I've taken my kids from very early on to several festivals though PS is definitely not the type of festival I would recommend taking a newborn to namely because of the timing of the performances and the fact that a lot of the intersting stuff happens during the night but also as it's much easier when the site is located mostly on grass and not concrete. From my experience, you will rarely see other families there either.
  13. Announced a couple of days ago that Bicep will be headlining Field Day 2020 on July 11th... https://fielddayfestivals.com/
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