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  1. Cheers for info. i'll keep an eye on the lineups
  2. Swifty must be taking a good chunk out of Nos's budget. Will this result in lesser (cheap) acts to follow?. Really enjoyed my first Nos experience this year - dispite the line up. Was looking to go back next year and hopefully see a bigger and better line up. TS is massive but not for me. May have to look elsewhere. Anyone recommend a similar,friendly,value for money European festival in the sun like Nos? Looking at Open'er festival at the mo
  3. Had a great week in Costa da Caparica and really enjoyed 3 (long) nights at Nos Alive.we were apprehensive due to the lineup but we came away thinking we'd love to go again next year,regardless of the lineup. Mainly because the performances of acts we weren't bothered about seeing were actually good - VW, Tom Walker, Dj Kamala to name a few and especially the idles. We could see the stage and the big screen. The band and crowd had us in tears, hilarious. I thought the Cure were amazing, i didn't even want to leave to get a beer. so glad i gave Bon Iver a wide birth. i could hear him at times and he had me yawning a lot. Hardly late evening festival music imo. Is the 3 days of Nos always organised so well? no queue at all on all 3 entries, toilets and bars were queue free, i use these a lot. so that was a massive plus. All staff ( and all the Portuguese i came across during my week) were fantastic and so helpful,polite and welcoming to approach. The atmosphere was as described - friendly and chilled. Always felt at ease in our surrounding and never a problem leaving my Mrs to go off for a beer etc. Not so easy finding her on return though. Either better navigation skills or taller partner needed haha. roll on 2020
  4. The couch looks a safe bet to show the cricket - nice find . I'll be set for the day if i can watch it from outside with a cold one. is it cash/card/or both inside Nos?
  5. same here. I've had them long enough to now wonder where they are FFS!!!
  6. How creditable is the magazine that announced the timetable - should i now assume that is how the schedule will be? not looking forward to telling my Mrs about the Marr and Scream clash grrrrr!!!!! ?
  7. My Friday night has been cut even shorter than expected - shocking clash with Primal Scream and Marr. But surely having Gossip as the headliner suggests the schedule can't be totally accurate...... let us pray.
  8. Thanks for the information. i thought a taxi would probably be the only solution. Hopefully i'll get your driver from last year haha
  9. ideal.i'm just happy they exist. warm beer would ruin it for me. cheers
  10. A few boring questions – Has anyone stayed in Costa Da Caparica during Nos Alive, as I was wondering how easy it is to travel back to there each night after Nos. Will I be able to stay till the end and still have time to catch the ferry across? And Is it then an easy (drunken) walk from Trafaria? Or is Uber the answer? more importantly – how much is a pint at Nos and is the Lager refreshingly cold? The lineup isn’t great for me but I can’t wait for next week. Sun, beach, cold beer (hopefully) , live music in a cracking atmosphere = heaven
  11. My top line could well be Johnny Marr, Primal scream and then Bairro Alto
  12. apologies. i forgot he was on NOS Stage. sorry Sam_2316
  13. maybe. depends on who fills the slot
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