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  1. 1 hour ago, Suprefan said:

    I dont even think it was the category of a fest not having a choice. They broke the radius clause to get Billie so they were searching for anyone that was able, and got Harry to say yes. If the rumors are to be believed, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler The Creator declined to headline. Their absolutely no choice scenario was Ariana Grande in 2019. They had to move 2 weeks worth of tour dates to get her on board and did it within 24 hours of Kanye backing out. 

    I mean you can place Gorillaz in the category of having nobody else to call when U2 had to drop out. They obviously didnt try to get anyone for Foo fighters and stuck with Florence since they were fortunate to have another artist that you could envision to be a headliner in their own respect anyway. 

    And Libertine’s supporting Florence made for a fun Friday evening.

  2. 2 hours ago, FloorFiller said:

    Initially thought it looked pretty weak after seeing the top few rows of each day but then when you give it a proper look over there is a fair amount of great stuff further down the lineup imo. As is increasingly the case with Coachella/all major U.S. festivals, not one for the rock or indie heads and Rage would’ve been a strange headliner to have topping it tbh, but if you’re in to hip hop, electronic and pop then there’s loads to get your teeth stuck in to. 

    Agreed some good stuff hidden in the smaller fonts 

  3. 13 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    Come off it. Flo has fallen off big time. She’s kept her career too muted and a lot of people don’t follow her anymore. Her last release seriously fell under the radar.

    She was a bump up in 2015 who did a good job, but she’s definitely not at glasto headline anymore. Anyone who thinks she’s still a big deal is still living in 2013.

    Plus it’s not the only time Flo has done a random one off Euro show. I think she goes wherever someone wants to pay her.

    Flos great, saw her at bestival, glasto and supporting the stones, maybe she will be doing that again at glasto 👀

  4. 46 minutes ago, Matt42 said:

    The Rosklide guy said it was a European festival exclusive booking (which still stands). I don’t think we cared that whether she was at US festivals or not.

    So the headliners are Rage, Billie, Ye?

    Kendrick man where the FUCK are you? I’m getting very worried now.

    Where rage come from ? 

  5. 14 hours ago, Weird said:

    Screenshot_20211219-233626_Reddit.thumb.jpg.650db34c5e19b72975e9eb38dd77aaae.jpgsomeone in the Tyler reddit posted this. 

    Whichever egg head made this didn’t know wireless festival isn’t in Finsbury Park an anymore, it’s in Crystal Palace park. 

  6. On 10/6/2021 at 9:28 PM, Matt42 said:

    I mean this 100%. I’ve never met someone who is a fan of his. Everyone I know has never heard of him. I don’t think I know any songs of his.

    I went to see the courteeners in Leicester with a friend who likes them - gerry was supporting and the crowd were going mental.

  7. 4 hours ago, assorted said:

    It's pretty easy to imagine this same poll for Taylor Swift would be a ton more in the positive and I think that shows this was a pretty big letdown as a replacement for Swift. 

    I guess it doesn't help her if everyone sees it as a swift replacement, Swift was 2020 and the pandemic has changed things up, i can see why the comparisons though.

  8. Actually quite excited/intrigued to see Billie Eilish more so than Taylor (unpopular) opinion, will check out some live videos.

    2 decent albums, bond song, awards and potential 3rd album or singles by next June a strong booking.

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