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  1. Jelly01

    EPO bands

    This is not the case with everyone. Some are just registered to who you are working for
  2. Jelly01

    EPO bands

    Was that in order to get the EPO? Because I’m off site I’ve already been given the band but haven’t had to go through any checks etc ?‍♀️ I’ve been told mine is registered to the people I’m working under.. It’s getting me worried
  3. Jelly01

    EPO bands

    So what’s the process? Are the QR codes registered to a name or who you are working for?
  4. Jelly01

    EPO bands

    EPO bands themselves are not registered to individuals.. All the checking is so that they can ensure that the bands themselves go to the right people
  5. Jelly01

    EPO bands

    All I’ve been given is the EPO band.. nothing else.. no ticket ?‍♀️ Not sure how this will work
  6. Jelly01

    EPO bands

    Do you have to register the EPO at first entry then? With photo ID?
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