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  1. Hi everybody, thanks for your advice above, now I have a follow on question please. The grandparents are coming in entrance A Thursday early pm. They are going to try and get into wicket ground, but if not could you suggest which would be the best camp to try, considering they're getting on a bit and will be lugging two biggish tents and all their stuff. They know there will be a map showing spaces available, but are any going to be particularly better for little kids? Tarw mentioned Pylon/Darble (thank you), are they generally considered the best options? Many thanks again. x
  2. I wasn't thinking about the mud, just the toilet residue that is often much more than mud
  3. Oops. Sorry. I'll stop it then. But walking squelchy toilet stuff into marquees where people might end up sitting just fills me with icky feelings. But I will stop it. Maybe I'll do a quick rinse with my water bottle somewhere a bit out of the way instead.
  4. I'm taking my wellies more for the night time visits to the longdrops (it's so much scarier when I can't see what I'm standing in). I can tuck my trousers in them, so no problem of trying to hoist trousers off the floor while simultaneously trying to get them down, and if there is something squelchy underfoot I just stick my boots under the tap.
  5. Ta very much for your replies everybody, I'm sure they'll find them really helpful x
  6. Hi, Here's the dilemma folks- my friend is coming with her two toddlers on the Friday morning, but the grandparents are coming on the coach on the Thursday. The plan is for the grandparents to set up camp for them all in family camping when they arrive Thursday morning, but my friend is concerned that security aren't going to let the grandparents in without any evidence of the grandchildren. Please does anyone have any experience of the family camping security, do you think they're likely to be strict and turn them away? Many thanks.
  7. Hi, Please can anyone give me a rough guesstimate of the Arcadia rehearsal time on Thursday, or is it all just a bit 'as and when'? Ta
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