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  1. In all fairness, Worthy Farm is the centre of the universe.
  2. I left mine... But was in Worthy View. In all seriousness that's an incredible stat, I wonder how much of that was weather related or just an increased awareness/consideration of the usage of plastic and other resources?
  3. Thanks! I will take my wellies primarily for tomorrow even though I don't think I'll be on site until 4pm!
  4. Coppello

    coach baggage limit

    Suitcase?! She didn't pay £18k for glamping tickets at the Pop-Up hotel did she?
  5. It's better to burn out than fade away.
  6. Read the last few pages. Pack your waders.
  7. Have you had a bit of an Ed Balls moment?
  9. Another slightly odd question. I'm staying in an 8 man scout tent and understand that there is a camping shop within the WV compound. Is it possible to buy/hire a groundsheet from there? I guess there is less of a need if the ground is as dry as predicted. Additionally, I was chatting to someone in work about the quality of the tents and he said they're strong canvas tents. Are these better for the high temperatures forecast or is there a way we can modify the tents to make them a little more comfortable such as the old foil trick? I appreciate this would ruin the aesthetics of Worthy View so the answers is probably no!
  10. If you could shag a forecast, this would be it.
  11. She's fibbing. I've just seen Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in Morrisons in Glastonbury Town buying some wetwipes.
  12. Coppello

    Sean Paul

    I was very, very close to responding to his tweet but then refrained. He'll probably be disappointed when Prince doesn't play the Park stage on Saturday.
  13. Coppello

    Staying Cool

    I feel like by starting this thread, I will upset the weather gods. Given the stonking heat (potentially) coming our way and the lack of shade on site. Does anyone have any good tips for staying cool and avoiding heatstroke?
  14. Me packing and heading to Pilton next week:
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