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  1. This year it’s just me and my 2 boys going - no other mates coming and will be a much more sober festival than usual - am definitely not trying to take the p*ss. We are good for the parking and campsite - I just don’t know what to expect about the shuttles, shortcuts or viewing platforms as if they strictly enforce the rule then my 12 year old can’t use any of it as I can’t leave the 10 year old alone clearly. Thankfully my youngest has been before and is sensible not to walk away from us when out and about - I will need both of us keeping eyes on my elder one to ensure he doesn’t wander off and get lost in the crowd. the shuttles or shortcuts would be important for him as he tires and will just stop and sit if tired in the middle of a walkway and could get pushed over or trampled... I was thinking of hiring a wheelchair for him but not sure that works if it’s a mud fest. Viewing platforms as again it keeps him in one place whilst watching a band and is less intimidating than being in the middle of a crowd but I have consoled myself with being right at the back for most things to have some space around us the other question I thought of was on the campsite and when it fills up - is it allocated spaces in disabled or just a field like normal where you pitch where you find space? I have a small 3 man hiking tent I normally use when I go with mates with with the 2 boys it’s too small so was going to use the family 6 man tent - but is this too big and will I get space if I turn up Friday morning or Thursday night? my 8 year old daughter wants to come too - have told her not this year as I need to survive with the 2 boys this year first then get braver and go with all 3 another time!
  2. I have been to Glastonbury many times over the past 20 years, mostly attending with friends but last time I took my youngest son who was 7 at the time in 2016. this time my eldest son (aged 12 who has Down syndrome) really wants to come and I have promised he can, so both boys are coming with me. i have access approved to the disabled campsite and parking as I simply couldn’t carry everything myself and keep an eye on him so I hope that helps and the shuttle and shortcuts should be a godsend. question is can we all use this as from what I read only the carer can use them and I clearly can’t leave my now 10 year old alone to use them with his brother - I assume common sense applies and he will be allowed through but would we be able to use the viewing platforms or be turned away for the same reason? does anyone know what time the disabled camping tends to fill up as I was thinking of bringing him either Thursday evening or Friday first thing? any advice would be most welcome thanks Paul
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